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Short answer: Yes, in general it is safe to assume that an L5-30R will supply you up to 30A (nominal, 24A continuous) at ~120V. Give or take. If you're still reading
I have a receptacle that notoriously trips a breaker. However this time the receptacle stopped working as in nothing plugged in will work but will work everywhere else, and it did not trip the breaker. This receptacle is #4 as there are 3 in the gara
A wall outlet is a wall-mounted electrical receptacle that provides a point for consumers to plug in various electronic items. Wall outlets provide flexible access to electricity for use with a wide variety of components. Some come with special featu
Your going to have to look in the electrical boxes that the switch and the outles are contained. First turn the breaker off that is supplying power to the room. Then unscrew the outlets and look into the boxes
If like the one we have the light is remote controlled from a small keypad or rotary control. This operates either wirelessly or wired. The actual dimming is done in the housing where the lamp and fan motor are located
First -- you just need a solid place to attach the box to. A 4x4 post cemented into the ground in the correct place certainly qualifies! (It also means you won't have one of those disasters where someone nails a conduit-supported outdoor receptacle w
Depending on whether you have an electrical dryer or a gas dryer, the answer will be different. I am going to assume you are in the US, and using an electrical dryer. Then the calculation goes like this: Assuming you have an electrical dryer, typical
If the dimmer controls only one light, the four wire bundle is almost certainly a group of hot leads powering several fixtures or outlets in addition to the dimmer and its fixture. The single wire from the dimmer goes to the fixture it controls. You
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About two months ago, I purchased an Igloo cube freezer for my basement. I plugged it into a standard 120V grounded outlet and it turned on and ran apparently normally for a three weeks before I found that the freezer had turned off and all of the fo