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All 15A receptacles (outlets) are rated for 20A passthrough. Which basically means you can only plug a 15A appliance into it, but you could use a total of 20A on the whole circuit. (Assuming of course 12ga wire and a 20A breaker)
The use of these devices is limited to specific situations, which are described in 334. 40(B) of the National Electrical Code. The 2011 version of the code had this to say
Just looking the fixture itself, and giving the probability of other points of failure. .
Have you read the manufacturer's documentation? The switches in the remote likely are for setting the transmitters frequency, and have nothing to do with fan speed. Usually fans have a speed selector switch (pull chain) that allows you to select LOW,
Yes, it does cost you money using the extension cord. Grabbing a random number out of the air, let's say the fridge draws 2 amperes. If you have a 50 ft
I want to install this simple Ikea lamp, but I'm dumbfounded by what is expected from me. Yeah, I can see why you might be. Honestly, I understand the original reason for picture-only instructions (they save money and paper when you're selling the sa
UK wiring colours Live Neutral ---- ------- Old Red Black New Brown Blue Appliance leads changed colours first, this was so that appliances across the EU all conform to the same colour code. Aiding trade etc. Later on, in-wall fixed wiring colours we
Different devices have different characteristics when the timer breaks the circuit. They usually rate the contacts of the timer by resistive (tungsten) or inductive (motor) style loads. Even though the contacts are rated for 20 amps a resistive load
This could be a tricky one, as it depends on what you consider an "appliance", and how you define "dedicated space". Chapter 4 Equipment for General Use Article 406 Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Plugs (Caps) 406. 12 Tamper Resistant Re
This question and answer page will help you to troubleshoot why there is no power going to outlets in one room or on one wall. Remember to always remove or disconnect power before troubleshooting electrical issues. Question: The power outlets along o