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Some LED's just won't dim, or dim well. If it didn't say dimmable on the package, it probably isn't. G9's are typically 120v, so they shouldn't need a driver unless you bought something that is low voltage (12 or 24v)
Three-phase transformer with four wire output for 208Y/120 volt service: one wire for neutral, others for A, B and C phases Three-phase electric power is a common method of alternating current electric power generation, transmission, and distribution
It sounds as if the light is being controlled by a single 3-way switch. The hot lead is run to the common and two switched hots are run to the traveller terminals. You could create a master switch by adding a single pole switch that interrupts the ho
I've recently installed smart (ZigBee) LED bulbs in my kitchen. These lights are on a dimmer switch, and even when I have the dimmer all the way up, the bulbs flicker when their internal dimming is set to anything other than 100% brightness. I was to
I had an electrician install an outdoor receptacle recently, and it's not working as expected. Before the receptacle was installed, the only thing I'm aware of that was on this circuit was a single outdoor light fixture controlled by a switch. I swap
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I have a leisure (range type) cooker. However the left hand oven has stopped heating up. When I turn the dial I get 230v at each element but no heat is produced
Hi All, Wasn't sure whether to put this in electrical or plumbing, but since I didn't see anything about water pumps, I figured I'd run it by you guys. I have a 3/4HP well pump, less than 10 years old, which has worked flawlessly until the past month
That Federal Pacific panel has to go as they are dangerous. As far as concerns about your skill, you sound like that particular kind of newbie who is well capable of learning to do it all safely and well; however my hunch is you are still thinking to
Usually the two wires that go to the wall switch are used to break the load, (switch the power (COMMON) OFF and ON to the fan). The other wires in the ceiling box are the supply wires. You need to look at the wires and find the pair that are LIVE, th