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I recently installed a Minka Aire Java ceiling fan (F753-WHF) which came with a 3 speed remote controller, but which I installed with a Minka Aire hard-wired 4 speed wall control (WC105). The fan appears to work fine on all 4 speeds, but now that I'v
I had/have several boxes like this in my house and I have replace all of my dumb switches with GE Smart Switches. (I did replace a couple with bigger boxes but also added switches) However, right side doesn't have any wires so just need to even out t
It's very common when replacing outlets to accidentally ground out either a wire or the screw terminals on the outlet, to a ground wire or to the metal side of the junction box. It'll work when it's pulled out of the box, but when you stuff it back i
This page is a Q&A only. You'll probably find my tips for saving on cooling more useful. We have window units throughout the house
Standard wire and conduit size is simply the application of industry standards that help to ensure consistency in the size and type of wiring and encompassing conduits that are used for various electrical tasks. By providing a basis or standard, it i
You should not be using cable or cord for ANY wiring to and for a pool light, with the exception of wiring that is within a building or structure. An insulated green ground is mandatory. The only exception to this is the cord that comes factory attac
Fans have been worried One Direction is breaking up. But Harry Styles’ recent tweet about 1D’s sixth anniversary definitely calmed some nerves! Styles recently took to Twitter to thank fans for sticking with One Direction and making their sixth anniv
Hopefully someone can help with this issue. Everything I have researched seems to be related to a type of light I do not own. I have a kitchen LED light that has been working fine up until just recently when all of a sudden it will start to flash whe
I am renovating an old home(90 years) that my wife and I just purchased. The electrical system in the house is outdated - some of the outlets appear to be knob and tube but most are the brass and silver; forgive me if this is incorrect info, I honest