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1 Obtain a FAN RATED BOX from home supply or electrical supply store. It will likely be best to buy the old work (not new construction) style if you do not have access to the ceiling from above. There are two types of old work boxes; one fan rated bo
ive read a few threads about ultrasonic foggers being placed in a cool mist humidifier. (looks like the fogger is for frog aquariums?) is this a viable alternative to a stand-alone ultrasonic humidifier? or am i better off buying the stand-alone unit
A time switch (also called a timer switch, or simply timer) is a timer that operates an electric switch controlled by the timing mechanism. The switch may be connected to a electric circuit operating from mains power, including via a relay or contact
Fuses for small, low-voltage, usually residential, wiring systems are commonly rated, in North American practice, to interrupt 10,000 amperes. Fuses for larger power systems must have higher interrupting ratings, with some low-voltage current-limitin
New Augmented Reality iPad App for Cyclo BBB Sumitomo Drive Technologies is proud to introduce the PT Experience: Cyclo®BBB. The new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app, available exclusively for the Apple iPad, offers three main functions: a customiza
Amperage, measured in amperes or amps, refers to the rate at which electricity moves through wires in an electrical circuit. In an.
GFCI protection is a required safety measure for virtually all outlets close to water or in outdoor areas. The term stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, meaning it can detect an electrical fault (incorrect energy flow) and shut off power befo
A ring main as the name implies, is a wiring ring between a circuit breaker on a consumer unit and the sockets it supplies. One wire leaves the consumer unit and connects to the first socket, a second cable then leaves this socket and goes to the nex
Of course not. You are talking about defeating circuit protection because you find it inconvenient. Obviously, this is dangerous
Cut a hole in the wall where you will locate your 30-amp plug by first tracing around the template provided with the single gang "old work" box. Use a keyhole saw to carefully cut around the trace line and remove the drywall. Turn the power off to yo