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Quote: Did the fan work and not the light? Typically, there would have been a short length of wire connected between the bottom of the two switches that "jumped" the incoming power from one switch to the other. The switches you are replacing used a t
Choosing the right LED grow lights for your aquarium plants might seem time consuming and challenging as there are many different options available in the market. Let’s find out if LEDs are powerful enough to grow plants and find out if they are bett
I have an older house, from the mid 20s. Most of the wiring is knob and tube. Since there are brick walls every time i want to hang something I drill a hole for a screw
The original wiring (1994) is along the best route where wires are stapled at the top of the interior wall plate above the finished drywall. I want to run 4 new circuits, but there is no room to staple new wire, and I don't wish to drill all the floo
by Jeff Patterson If you use outdoor electrical outlets for holiday lights or other things that need a plug (karaoke machine anyone) then a GFCI outlet is a must. House electrical wiring needs GFCIs in kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere outside. Groun
It's hard to advise without knowing more about what other lighting will be in those areas and the type of activities you will have going on in the larger room. LED strip lights are great for kitchen task lighting under the cabinets. Personally, I pre
Apart from what code requires, there are various things that you might choose to do, depending on your mindset, that are not code required (nor do they conflict with code. ) For instance, I prefer to keep all lighting circuits completely separate fro
Quote: That's running a little close to the max capacity. Around here, we see a huge variety of boat lifts. Pier Pleasure, Floe, Hewitt, ShoreMaster, Newman are all made within about 120 miles of here, and Shore Station is just across the border in t
Orders over $300 ship FREE to 48 States 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) - Softcover version Adopted in all 50 states, NFPA 70®: National Electrical Code has saved untold lives with comprehensive requirements for electrical wiring and equipment. W
The level of inspection depends on the inspector. Some get weird on a rough inspection with devices attached some love it. If your detector has a quick disconnect so it doesn't have to be unwired for the Sheetrock I would put it in