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Edit- Based on comments above tape cannot be used (alone) for creating a splice. As Tester101 pointed out if the splice was soldered or crimped or joined with some (UL approved) device, then tape may be used for insulating the splice. With regard to
Breakers protect wires. The wire to the sub-panel can only be protected by the breaker in the main panel, and that must be correct for the wire's type and size. Like Ed Beal says, you don't need a master breaker in a sub-panel
You may be able to keep low-voltage wires out of sight and out of your path simply by running them under rugs and behind furniture. If not, here are some solutions for hiding speaker wire—or just about any other type of low-voltage wiring (for phones
Once the basics (grounding, ground-neutral bonding) have been checked, your options with respect to the power company will depend on where you are - in many places there is a public utilities commission (or similar) that may be able to make them take
Putting 12/2 on a 15A circuit is no big deal -- the only problems with using a bigger wire than required by ampacity are the physical difficulty of working with it, and the potential for overstuffing boxes. (If it's too big to fit the terminals on yo
Typically they will be at minimum, 18" below grade. However this is the grade at the time they are placed. Soil will compact and erode with time which would result in them being shallower than expected
My garage has a light connected to a switch and a garage door opener. The garage door opener was hard wired to a line coming out from the space between the porcelain light fixture and the ceiling. The opener was not connected to the switch
Hi, I have a motion sensor switch controlling bathroom light and a single pole switch controlling exhaust fan in the same box. I want to replace the motion sensor switch with a single pole switch. Attached picture shows how the wiring looks like in t
You are generally not allowed to use backstabs with 12 gauge wire. If solid wire is falling off the screw terminals, tighten the screw a lot harder. If stranded wire is falling off the screw terminals, a lot of people have trouble with that