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I've come across a scenario in which this feature might actually improve safety: Some older European buildings still have TN-C wiring in place. Current wiring codes no longer allow this due to safety concerns (which I'll get to in a minute), but ther
Remove all electric elements including outlets, switches and light fixtures. Many of these will be set in the walls without junction boxes. Remove the cover plates, locate the screws or nails holding the element in place and remove them
Jan 5, 2015 Recently the back, and start buttons on my 1520 have not been turning on, or flickering. The search button has not shown any signs of the issue. The buttons still work, and have no functionality issues
Does that insulation go into the ground? In otherwords, is that exterior insulation for the basement foundation? If so, then it's pretty much useless at this point. It wasn't sealed properly and is likely waterlogged and providing minimal insulating
Abstract: Society has become increasingly dependent on electricity, so power system reliability is of crucial importance. However, while underinvestment leads to an unacceptable number of power outages, overinvestment will result in costs that are to
Start by turning off the power at the breaker, and verifying it's off with a non-contact voltage tester. Connect all the bare or green grounding conductors together. Connect the white wire from the ceiling to the white wire on the input side of the r
When it comes to trouble shooting an electrical circuit one of the most simple tests is the continuity test. The name of.
While contemplating some electrical work (replacement of the breaker box), I called the city's inspection/permit department and asked them, Q: Why should I get a permit? A: Because it is required by (city ordinance). Q: If I don't have a permit and s
We've been having problems with our lights dimming recently. We've had similar problems with bathroom fans slowing, plus the TV and dishwasher will reset. I have a suspicion that it caused by the fridge
250ft from main panel in house to greenhouse out back. Greenhouse will have propane heater and one 120v outlet. Today I dug 100 ft trench to the house 1ft deep