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There are many fixings on the market today and yet, as far as we are aware, no fixing is available for a good, solid, reliable fix to lathe and plaster. It’s a popular question on DIYdoctor and our many years of experience have taught us not to take
I really need to ask you some questions to give a exact answer, so I'll try to make my answer as complete as possible. The short answer is that YOU will have to "activate" the Ethernet jacks, there is no way that your ISP will do it for you, unless y
I’ve always been frustrated by the speeds & limitations of wireless and with the addition of a home server, 802. 11G just doesn’t cut it. Sure it’s great for flexibility but there’s certain limitations when you want to stream content
My house's builders seem to have cut one of the Cat-6 internet cables somewhere along it's run from the basement to the data hub where all of the other cables converge. It might even be between the floors. This is a low voltage circuit
Your testing method seems reasonable and probably rules out continuity between those two drops. (The exception might be if your router or switch don't have Auto MDI-X sensing and you needed a crossover cable, but that's unlikely as most devices made
I have a Cat 5 ethernet cable that runs from a stereo cabinet to an equipment closet. A couple dozen other identical cables run from other parts of the house to the same hole in my drywall in this closet. They’re not all well labeled
A keystone module for a CAT5 network cable A 3-port keystone wall plate A keystone module is a standardized snap-in package for mounting a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks or optical connectors into a keystone wall plate, face plate, surface-m
I am in the process of rewiring my basement and trying to route all my cables using J-Hooks along the rafters in my semi walk in crawlspace. This includes running the cables to my new server rack. Problem I have is contrary to my request to have the
1 First thing you need to do is decide on a "path" that you want the wiring to take throughout your home. Remember that in most cases the wall studs will be placed vertically, floor to ceiling. Ceiling joist positions vary from builder, house, code e
Exposure to the elements, regular use, and accidental damage can cause a leaking garden hose. This wastes water and may cause a loss of pressure that makes it difficult to use nozzles and sprinkler attachments. Fortunately, hose repairs are simple an