European outlets in an american building

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An electrical device is labeled, for example, "Input AC 100-240V 200mA Output DC4.5V-6.5V Max 800mA." Does it consume 20 watts per hour at 100 volts (100*200/1000), 48 watts per hour at 240 volts (240*200/1000), or whatever pro-rata value would compute from any voltage between 100 and 240? If so, what becomes of the energy consumed in excess of those 20 watts? What determines what voltage within the stated 4.5V-6.5V range is actually output? 4.5V and 800mA computes an hourly wattage work output of 3.6 watts. Does the device output more watts at voltages higher than 4.5?

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I have a US treadmill (specs are 120V/60Hz/20A/3.5HP) in Malaysia and need help determining the type of stepdown transfomer needed. I think I only need a 3000W (120V * 20A plus safety factor of 20 percent = 2880W). Can you please...

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Though only a stone’s-throw away across the grand Atlantic, Europeans and Americans are as different as night and day. And being anywhere from 5 to 7 hours difference in time, they literally are, too. Back in the days of old when that rag-tag batch of ticked-off Englishmen decided to brave the snarling sea and make new their lives in America, we’ve held similarities close to our hearts. However, times force great changes and leaps in advancement force gaps in our likenesses and make them far more diverse and different. Gone are the days when the ‘New’ Americans would take tea time, instead, we, as Americans, stumbled upon the idea of lunch… similar, but still, quite different. Well, you get the idea. Here are ten (of many, as we all know) ways we, as Americans, are different from our jovial brethren across the pond: the Europeans.

10. Government

Our Governments could not be any more unalike if we purposely attempted to create them so. And, as it turns out, we (the...

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First of all, let's make this simple. What size bulb do you plan to use and what size wire is currently on your lamp?

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Can I use a US hired wire lamp in Asia?

I am not sure if US wire can sustain the 240V in Malaysia. I don't want to burn down the house.

The specs are for the US lamp: Socket Specs (maximum) = 250w/250v - Threaded for standard (E26) medium base bulbs

Bulb Max Recommended Wattage = 60 watt.

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@eddiegrice: Regarding the comment "the Euro Lamp will only work at 230V so by plugging it into a 110V supply the bulb will only light up to approx half its power," this is actually incorrect.

The number of amps flowing through the device will halve, but...

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A Harvard study has documented the mainstream media’s blatant anti-Trump bias and found that while the President dominated news coverage in his first 100 days, that coverage was almost entirely negative — with 93 percent of CNN and NBC’s Trump coverage critical of the new president.

The study, by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center, released Thursday concludes that Trump’s coverage “set a new standard for negativity.”

Looking at the coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days from 10 major American and European outlets, the study found that Trump was the topic of 41 percent of all news stories — three times that of previous presidents. It also found that Trump was the featured speaker of 65 percent of the coverage.

But, despite Trump featuring heavily, the tone of that coverage was 80 percent negative, according to the study. For comparison, it found that President Barack Obama received only 41 percent negative coverage in his first 100 days....

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