Questions about: evaporative-cooling

I currently have an HVAC system that is connected to a Nest thermostat (2nd generation) and I'm planning to use the same Nest thermostat to control a 110 swamp cooler that is currently not connected. Before dealing with the trouble to connect both sy
I personally think that it's best to buy a cooler that's a little above the rated CFM you actually need -- this will help ensure it actually cools your house to a comfortable level. Where I live in Albuquerque, NM, I often find myself in people's hou
OK first thing I did was remove the motor and try it in a different unit. It worked OK. So the motor's not the culprit
That's just scale and mineral buildup. Evaporative coolers work by evaporating water; when they evaporate hard water that has minerals in it, the minerals stay behind. The better coolers have constant bleed lines or purge pumps to prevent this buildu