Questions about: exhaust-fan

First, "recommended"? Coming from a contractor and engineer, it sounds like a good solution, and it will work. You don't need two fans. One with a transfer grille will do
Hello; Joe If the room does not have adequate ventilation, that's one issue. Needs addition details provided. If the is no ventliation, that's yet another issue
Use a single pole double throw switch, called three-way in the U. S. (as isherwood suggests)
One purpose for the vent is to remove lingering odors. Venting high has to do with peoples noses and, once upon a time, truly noxious gas; restrooms today are not as toxic as they once were. Still, if the gases are vented downward, they are less like
There are three reasons why whole house fans generally vent into attics. First, whole house fans are designed to pull air from the highest point in the living space of a house, which is generally where the warmest air collects. This removed air is re
Turn off the circuit that delivers power to the bathroom exhaust fan/light. Remove the cover plate from the existing switch. Remove the two screws that secure the switch to the wall box and gently pull the switch out using the top and bottom tabs
I have this model range fan from NuTone. Condensation from steam (say when boiling water) forms on the underside of the unit and retaining bar that holds motor that drips back down onto the range. It's nasty and I have to wipe it down before it gets
This is a very common problem. The person above who mentioned a condensation trap is right on the money. No matter how powerful a fan, how well insulated the duct, you are blowing warm, MOIST, air into cold air which makes that moisture in the air co