Existing GFCI outlet wiring to a new switch

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In most of the 20 apartments here the Combination Switch/GFCI (both switch and outlet) work but we have a few that won't.

In the apartment of question the box has two bear black wires and one unbear red wire just passing through the box.

So far, no mater which side the two bare black wires are hooked up to on the outlet the outlet still doesn't work. The switch to the light always works.

When I plug in one of those green testers (Commercial Electric - MS6860H) with the list of all the different things that might be happening on it I always get "Hot/Neu. Reverse"?

I understand that if there are only two wires in the box that you can't use a GFCI(?).

However, both bear wires are black and there is a not bear red wire passing through the box. Can this red wire be used to make the GFCI work?


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Wiring diagrams for ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles at wiring diagram

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FYI…Code does not prohibit the switching of a neutral. It can be switched if the ungrounded conductors are disconnected prior to or simultaneously with the disconnection of the neutral. It’s just not commonly done.


If you take a switch out that only has a black and white attached to it, that cable does not run back to the panel. If it did, you would be creating a dead short when you flipped the switch (direct ‘hot’ to neutral connection, with no load inline). A proper 2 wire switch leg (black and white) is made by connecting to a cable that does run back to the panel (eventually or directly), but it is only connected to the ‘hot’ wire. The switch leg is merely bringing power down to, and returning it from the switch, with the switch making or breaking contact with...
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