Failing foundation outside wall looks like it is buckling but it's not


Dragan Radovanovic / Business Insider

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton maintains a meaningful – if slightly shrinking – lead over Republican Donald Trump. She's been ahead since the Democratic convention in July.

Here's a poll taken in late August from USA Today and Suffolk University, which surveyed 1000 Americans, showing:

Before the Democratic convention, the race appeared tighter: Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 Americans in mid-July whether they would vote for Clinton or Trump. This is what it found at the time:

Was Trump ahead then? Is Clinton ahead now? Answering that requires a clear sense of how polls work, and looking closer tells you everything about what we can and cannot trust.

It depends on whom you ask

In 1936, a magazine called The Literary Digest ran one of the biggest opinion polls of all time. It asked 2.4 million people whether they planned to vote for the incumbent...

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I'll be succinct. I'm afraid we're having a full structural failure. Over the past week, crack after crack has been appearing in our plaster and walls. I'm honestly concerned for our safety.

Our home was built in 1890 and is a two-story brick and mortar home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, newer roof, and an unfinished basement (read: dirt floor, moisture barrier).

A huge crack appeared almost overnight in our bathroom on the ground floor, including diagonal cracks from each corner of the window frame; the crack goes up the seam of the corner of the wall and continues across the ceiling. This is an external, outside wall.

There is a crack in the plaster in our dining room that runs floor to ceiling (12' ceilings) all the way up the seam of the corner. It appeared suddenly.

There is a buckle in one of the walls, which was there when we bought the house in 2005; however, the plaster has cracked open within the past two weeks.

Cracks are rapidly appearing...

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Следите за тем, как разворачиваются лучшие...

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A major structural problem with your home is probably every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Structural problems left unattended decrease your homes value and only worsen over time.

So if you are seeing signs of foundation problems around your home like cracks in your drywall, or if you have doors that do not open or close properly you probably need to have an evaluation done.

Is your home suffering from foundation problems?

If your home is exhibiting symptoms of foundation problems like cracks in walls, sticking and swinging doors, or uneven floors it may need foundation repair. Experienced professionals can give you an accurate analysis of your home and design a foundation repair solution.

Can you sell your house for a reduced price rather than repair the foundation?

If you are financing the sale yourself, this poses no problem. Loaning institutions generally will not close a loan without repairs being done or scheduled. However, beware...

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It's around me this emptiness

Вокруг меня пустота,

All around me the walls are closing in

Вокруг меня смыкаются стены,

Show me a way to try

Подскажи, что же мне делать,


Lend me your flames to hide

Спрячь меня в своем пламени,

Tell me there's still more to this

Скажи, что есть в этом нечто большее

'Cause I know this place is not my home

Ведь я знаю, что мой дом – не здесь,

This place is not my home

Мой дом – не здесь



I'm on the outside looking in

Я наблюдаю со стороны,

Bring me back to life again

Верни же меня снова к жизни,

I see Heaven in your eyes

В твоих глазах я вижу рай...

In a world of broken dreams

В мире, где мечты разрушены,

You give me something to believe

Ты даешь мне веру,

I see Heaven in your eyes

В твоих глазах я вижу рай,

And I don't wanna live


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In the last issue of this magazine, we addressed fixing failing poured wall foundations. Part II, printed below, offers solutions for fixing bowed, cracked, or leaking foundations made from concrete block.
–The Editor

In many parts of the country, foundations and basement walls are constructed with concrete masonry units (CMU), also called concrete block or cinder block. CMU foundations offer a number of advantages. They’re more versatile than poured concrete, and easier to alter—both during construction and in the future. They have plenty of strength, and in most areas the installed price is comparable. In some regions, such as the Upper Midwest, nearly 80% of basements have CMU walls.
CMU foundations crack for many of the same reason poured walls do: differential settling, backfilling too soon, expansive soils, tree roots, hydrostatic pressure, etc. Regardless of why they crack, a number of solutions exist.

Identify the Problem

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All Of This Snow Inspired Them To Make An Igloo, But Once Inside, You'll Be Amazed

JANUARY 29, 2016


Shoveling snow is a huge pain, but once you're done, that means one thing: it's time to build an igloo! It takes a lot of time and you need to have a ton of snow, but it's fun for the whole family when you make one that is a successful structure.

This guy took his snowy escape a step further, though...he made his into a luxury establishment. I mean, he really decked it out with awesome amenities that you wish you had thought of for your igloo!

It might not look like much from the outside...


But the first amenity? A sliding door!


Once inside, there are romantic candles and hardwood floors.


What an appropriate touch -- a hand-carved squirrel statue.


There's plenty of reading material for those quiet evenings...

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Hello mom2hazen,

Welcome to the community! Let's talk about getting that window out to help get your cement patio in.

Depending on the manufacturer, older aluminum windows like yours should be able to come apart in pieces. Luckily, getting it out will be the first and easiest part of this process. Remember with any demolition work to be careful and be safe. Any hammering or chiseling away at a window that large will need to be done with precaution. If the glass cannot be easily removed by taking them out of the frames, knocking it out with a sledgehammer, but done with gloves, long sleeve shirts and eye protection. Tape up the glass as much as you can to avoid chards and flying bits going everywhere. Visually check for any screw holes or cracks where the window was installed. That may lead to taking the window out as well, as older aluminum windows were usually fastened in more than one piece back then. More of those areas should be on the interior of the window...

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I just had a long month of technical phone interviews from numerous companies that I got from the technical job hunting service Hired. Its funny, you don’t truly learn until you’ve actually made mistakes in a scenario that actually matters. With that being said, I think I learned a ton of lessons from getting rejected from many technical interviews and I want to share my insights with you!

I have tried to remain objective in my learnings but there may be hints of bitterness here and there on the account of, you know, failing these technical interviews.

The only winning move is not to play

Interviewing is a losing game. All applicants are losing, its just a matter of losing the least. From the time you say ‘Hello’ you’re already losing. Your interviewers are expecting you to finish a task in a certain amount of time and once finished will compare your time and performance to that of your peers. They are not looking for things that will impress...

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Quentin Wilson and Associates, specializes in solar adobe design and construction. He grew up in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico where he watched adobe bricks being made. In the fifth grade, he made miniature adobes on cookie sheets in his mother s oven in order to construct house models for a class assignment. By age thirteen he made full-sized adobes in the back yard and ruined the grass. Later, he traveled a bit, went through the Army, and graduated eventually from the University of New Mexico with a major in physics, minors in math, chemistry, and education in 1970. After teaching high school two years and community college math for three more, Quentin moved into professional solar adobe construction in 1976 as the Project Manager and Instructor for the Sundwellings Demonstration Project at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM. He became a licensed general contractor in the State of New Mexico in 1982. He has been building...

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THE ISLAND Written by Caspian Tredwell-Owen 1/13/04 We PULL BACK, in marked steps, to include neighboring apartments with identical frosted facades. Then more apartments, above and below, the tiers linked by ramps and crosswalks. It might be a prison cellblock but there are no guards apparent. Indeed, the residents move freely, all notably male, all clad in shearlings, polo shirts and slacks. It is just another day in Sector Four. 3 INT. NUTRITION PLAZA - SECTOR FOUR - DAY Satie's Gymnopedie plays from overhead speakers. A glass wall looks out across a green mountain valley. The plaza, formed in curves of creamy ceramic tile, is divided into two service areas. Male residents in line on one side, females on the other. Both genders combine in the seating area. Lincoln reaches the head of the line. He swipes his ethercuff o v e r a scanner. A NUTRITION CLERK, a surly woman in uniform, eyes the...
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A hundred years ago, homes had cellars, not basements. The typical cellar has stone-and-mortar walls and a dirt floor. Such a cellar is cool and humid, so it's the perfect place to store carrots and potatoes. If a cellar floor got wet during the spring thaw, no one cared. After all, it’s not as if anyone was playing ping pong down there.

These days, however, most homeowners expect basements to stay dry. During the 1930s and 1940s, as basements gradually replaced cellars, construction specifications for residential foundations improved. Poured concrete walls replaced stone walls; concrete slabs replaced dirt floors. Some builders even included footing drains.

But the results of these efforts were uneven. Millions of Americans are still living in homes with damp basements.

New construction tips

This article will focus on ways to fix a damp basement so that it’s dry enough to use as indoor living space. Before tackling that topic, though, I’ll briefly...

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STAR TREK Written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman November, 2007 1-13 OMIT 1-13 14 OMIT 14 15 OVER BLACKNESS, we HEAR a BACH HARPSICHORD CONCERTO. And then a 15 WOMAN -- breathing hard -- straining, harder and harder -- until finally we HEAR a NEWBORN BABY CRYING -- and we... FADE IN: EXT. VULCAN FAMILY HOME - DUSK The image is spectacular, aglow in DUSK LIGHT: a beautiful BABY, just born, held in a WOMAN'S HANDS. It is being cleaned; warm water runs down its face and body. TIGHT ON the MIDWIFE (female, 60's) who holds and cleans the baby as it CRIES. Another, younger, Midwife can be seen behind her, assisting with the pitchers of water. As she cleans the baby, she says to someone OFF-CAMERA: MIDWIFE He is strong. The baby, now calm, gets SWADDLED. He is then gently held out to the new MOTHER: AMANDA...
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