Fanning outside air into basement apartment


Making your basement into an apartment is a great idea for varying reasons: it raises the property value of your investment, you can rent it out to subsidize your income, you can house guests and family/friends, or you can just use it to expand your home. It can take time if done properly, but the end result is obviously totally worth it. There are many ways and methods how you would alter a basement into an apartment but here are just a few integral approaches.


Make sure your basement apartment has a legal and dedicated exit. This ease of access is extremely important in case of an emergency, but also serves as a simple entrance/exit if you are subletting this spot to a tenant. Having minimal contact from landlord and tenant is ideal for any renting relationship.


Natural light is key to any room, but especially for a basement. If not enough light is coming in, you can have supplementary windows installed along an outside wall in...

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Nancy Simmons Starrs is president and founder of Apartment Detectives, a D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia apartment search service. She writes an occasional column on rental issues.

At least once a day as I’m helping people find rental units, I hear this phrase: No basement apartments! On the other hand, there are also those who strongly prefer this type of home.

So I thought I would sit down and write why some people love this type of rental home and why others absolutely will not consider one at all. There are good arguments from both camps.

Often these apartments are in charming rowhouses.

Some basements apartment have been very nicely updated by their owners. This will bring the price up, but sometimes a nicer quality kitchen may be well worth the price if that is your priority.

Here are some benefits to renting a basement apartment:

• Outdoor space: Basement units give you direct access to the...

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If you’ve never experienced the joys of living in a basement apartment, I’m here to tell you about them.

And yes, that’s sarcasm.

Of course, every apartment situation is going to be different, but here are a few of the pros and cons of living in a basement apartment.

TL;DR – I’d probably advise against it, unless you have earplugs or you’re not home very much.

The Pros

Privacy, for the most part. Basement apartments typically have tiny windows, so most people aren’t going to be creepin’ on you. It also offers more privacy than if you had to share a house or apartment with someone else.

Separate entrance. Most of the basement apartments I looked at had separate entrances either on the side or back of the house. This again lends to privacy, and the feeling that you’re not invading your landlord’s personal space too much.

They are usually kept cool. There were only a handful of days during the summer that I felt unbearably hot. There’s...

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After the radio interview I did earlier this month for the KCRW Good Food Show I thought I might well just do a post about how gosh darn easy it is to make a little setup at home to cure meat in.

When I first started making moldy meat in my garage over a year ago I figured that it must take very specialist equipment, and a team of well read meat science boffins to make anything resembling a decent cured product. I quite frankly am not a meat science boffin, or have very specialist equipment. Nor do the thousands of other people around the globe that cure meat at home, and make a darn fine product too I should add.

It turns out it is actually exceptionally easy to make a basic reliable setup at home to cure meat in, and one that doesn’t cost a pretty penny either. In fact, with a little wheeling and dealing, I reckon the whole thing can be put together for around $100 – even less if you have an old fridge already, or a room/garage/basement that has some of the...

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Written by
Jack Bernstein
Tom Shadyac
Jim Carrey


A UPS Man with a big pot belly is walking down the street, whistling and carelessly tossing a package in the air. We hear the sound of broken glass in the box. He passes a professional woman.


Good morning, UPS!

He tosses the box behind his back like a basketball, then acknowledges another passerby.


UPS, good to see you!

He takes a couple of steps, then flings the package incredibly high into the air, spins completely around and expertly drops to one knee and catches the box. A Hispanic man passes.


Buenos dias. Uo Pay eSsay.


The UPS Man dodges a couple of black kids as though playing basketball. He runs up the front steps of the building. He reaches out to open the front door and inadvertently flings the package behind...

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About This Classroom:
This was a separate building from the main school, located south of the church on Hamlin Ave. Sister Mary Remi / Sister Mary St. DeniseTeacherKThere were separate morning and afternoon Kindergarten sessions. Sr. Denise taught the morning session and Sr. Remi taught the afternoon session.Michael DelgenioBoy5KMichael Lived at 3739 W. Huron St. at the time of the fire.Michael DiCiollaBoyKBrother of Colomba and Joseph DiCiolla.Clara DiMasoGirl5KClara lived on Thomas Street at the time of the fire along with her parents Philip and Jessie DiMaso and, sister Rose Marie. “I was there the afternoon of the fire. I remember the sirens and comotion. Luckily, my babysitter who walked me to and from school made it out of the fire ok and came to get me to walk me home along with a friend of hers. I do not remember their names, but I would like to thank them for getting me home safely. As we were trying to get away from the school I remember seeing huge firetrucks and...
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Honcho, 1990 April

Smart travelers don't wear cock rings through metal detectors ... or do they?

Ed woke me up early that morning when he wedged the head of his nine-inch prong between my swollen, sticky ass-lips and started prying my sphincter open. "Jesus, man, it's still dark outside," I mumbled sleepily. Nevertheless, my groin started to tingle as soon as my aching chute sounded the alarm that there was a...

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