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Old school: probably not, unless the guy who wired that ceiling was generous with the wire. Cool new tech: Yes. They make electronic switch controls which are designed to solve a different problem: "I want a light AND fan, but my bathroom is wired fo
If the fan is a replacement for a light fixture, be sure it is "Fan Rated", if it isn't, the odds are the fan will fall down and it won't matter which wire went where. You cannot support a ceiling fan from a standard box. The box (or metal device rin
The easiest component to test is the switch, but the most likely to fail is the capacitor, which is that thing on the right with the purple wires. Your motor looks like a simple induction type. Do a web search on "why does my motor have a capacitor"
Is there anyway to safely mount a ceiling fan to this type of older ceiling junction box (see the photos)? I rent an old 1920's built house where an old hanging light fixture junction box was covered with a blank panel. I want to hang a ceiling fan i
A luxurious feature offered on many modern ceiling fans is the wireless remote control. This feature offers full operation of the fan (and any light attachment) from any location within a reasonable distance. This can be especially useful in bedrooms
[Summary]electrical ThreePhaseEel's comment is key. Most light switches I've seen are set up the same as in this instructional PDF. The relevant portion from that PDF is in this illustration: Likely, this is exactly how the switch with one light is w
I recently installed a new ceiling fan in my bedroom . A Case Endeavor fan. It wobbles a little bit, really a 'little' (maybe it is me) so I've been attempting to balance it
A proportional temperature controller will accomplish this task. They are used in industry to do exactly this. Here is an excerpt from Omega
I think ThreePhaseEel and A. I. Berveleri have figured this out
Have you read the manufacturer's documentation? The switches in the remote likely are for setting the transmitters frequency, and have nothing to do with fan speed. Usually fans have a speed selector switch (pull chain) that allows you to select LOW,