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Those black particles appear to be from an activated carbon filter that is probably failing. Check your house for one of the filter housings to see if one of these filters is present. If it is activated charcoal particles, it says they are non-toxic
by Trevor Last Updated March 03, 2016 03:09 AM I've been trying to get to the cartridge in my bathroom sink faucet handle. I took off the top part, but in order to get the cartridge out it looks like I have to take off the bottom part as well. I've t
So, you’re taking a shower, but you notice the spray is weak, and when you look down you see that a lot of water is lost, leaking out of your bathtub spout. Even if your tub spout just drips or dribbles a little, you probably don’t want to waste the
How to fix leaking bathtub faucet single handle, which is the how to fix a leaky faucet from the handle change a leaking shower faucet handle shower faucet is leaking delta cartridges delta and springs if the handle off the hot and peerless singlehan
Getting StartedTub and shower faucets work much like sink faucets, but they are oriented horizontally rather than vertically and their parts are usually larger. A two-handle stem shower faucet has a stem with a washer that presses against a seat to s
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A dripping faucet is one of those chores that tend to get pushed to the bottom of the “honey-do” list. It’s not dangerous, like a sparking electrical outlet. It’s not super-annoying, like a Justin Bieber song, or a smoke detector that wants new batte
by user3111891 Last Updated February 19, 2016 01:09 AM I'm trying to remove a bathtub diverter spigot, but I can't tell whether it is a screw-on or a slip-on (with a hex bolt at the bottom). My spigot has the notch where a hex bolt would normally be,
Every bathroom needs fixtures that look good and perform with excellence. When viewing the vast number of choices in a store or online your visual and functional needs can quickly narrow the choices. Every Manufacturer follows some basic design specs
In many parts of the country, dealing with hard water is a necessity. Our well water is hard (it has a lot of calcium and magnesium in it), plus it has rust and particulates. Even with a softener and whole house particulate filter, over time deposits