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by user3111891 Last Updated February 19, 2016 01:09 AM I'm trying to remove a bathtub diverter spigot, but I can't tell whether it is a screw-on or a slip-on (with a hex bolt at the bottom). My spigot has the notch where a hex bolt would normally be,
Every bathroom needs fixtures that look good and perform with excellence. When viewing the vast number of choices in a store or online your visual and functional needs can quickly narrow the choices. Every Manufacturer follows some basic design specs
In many parts of the country, dealing with hard water is a necessity. Our well water is hard (it has a lot of calcium and magnesium in it), plus it has rust and particulates. Even with a softener and whole house particulate filter, over time deposits
Annual MaintenanceAttach a garden hose to the hose bib at the bottom of the hot-water heater tank after turning off the gas or power to the unit. Run the hose outside where it can drain. Keep the cold water feed on to the tank to remove sediment buil
It's cheaper for a company to use in-house "off-the-shelf" parts instead of having multiple, specifically tooled assembly lines for each and every model of faucet. The "internal parts" are all likely to be the same. The extra manufacturing cost (we h
Hot water pipesThe hot-water pipes are easy to size, because the thinking has already been done for the cold pipes. The kitchen sink will be fed in 15mm from the tee under the bath, and then in 22mm from the top of the cylinder. The vent pipe leading
Replace the drain pipe beneath your bathroom sink if it's corroded. Over time, water that sits in the bottom of the wall pipe and P-trap can begin to deteriorate the integrity of the metal, causing rust and corrosion. The wall pipe inserts into the h
1 - Check that your valve under the sink is open, someone may have knocked it mostly shut. 2 - Or, it could be that debris finally got washed up into the hot water valve or sink supply hose under the sink or in the faucet. You'd turn off the valve un
I think this is very close. The handles on mine have a slightly different shape. But I think you're on the right track in that it might be an old American Standard
For the benefit of future readers, if the valve body is installed with the plaster ground flush with finished wall, the valve handle WILL stick out too far. The "plaster ground" is the plastic piece that comes with the valve, some are white, some are