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This fence was built with angled boards. The guy who did it said that would help with wind resistance. The fence is about 90 feet long, and the part of it down the fence line gets hit pretty hard when there are heavy winds
Sorry. No, it will not stick, and if you use quick-rite, it will end up chipping sooner rather than later. Long answer
If you live near a busy street or have a neighbor with a barking dog, you know that outside noises can be disruptive to the peaceful environment of your home or yard. While no yard is soundproof, a privacy fence can block and reduce the noises that b
The only thing more time consuming than installing a new fence is removing an old one. Getting the old posts out of the ground can be a real pain without some old farm tricks like this one. With nothing more than a few feet of chain and an old tire y
Shadowbox fencing, also known as good neighbour fencing, presents a good face on both sides. Unlike typical stockade privacy fence panels, shadowbox panels are identical on both sides. When mounted between posts, they present an attractive face to ne
The proper way is to mix the concrete in a mixer with the correct amount of water. You will get the best, most durable concrete with the highest strength. You can eventually get the concrete to cure by relying on exterior moisture, but it wll take a
Good ideas listed here. I have set many metal posts for my satellite dishes in the past, and have used the dry concrete mix method, along with pre-mixing the concrete with water before pouring the sacrete. I prefer mixing the sacrete first, it cures
Personally I don't like concreting in wooden posts, because eventually they will rot and have to be replaced. Getting the old concrete out is then difficult. Ideally, concrete in a short concrete fence post and use coach screws to fix your wooden pos
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having set thousands of posts of all kinds and sizes, i would offer this thought - its not the concrete speed or strength that matters, its the straightness of the post. and fyi, nobody who makes a living building fences mixes their concrete outside