Questions about: fiberglass

2) before it dries (just follow the installer around), throw big handfuls of chopped fiberglass (check in your area for a fiberglass supplier - its cheap and abundant). make sure you coat everywhere as much as you can. 3) once dry, spray again
Hi, We just bought a house in Calgary, AB, Canada and notice that the basement is below grade and is insulated with fiberglass batt. There are no drywalls at the moment; hence, I have access to the vapor barrier and the fiberglass batt. The house is
I have an unconditioned knee wall space. I wish to condition it but am faced with a small dilemma. My concern is: can I install fiberglass against the rafters (assuming I have baffles), if the vaulted ceiling leading up to the ridge vent is obstructe
Personally, I would replace this tub; Tubs are cheap, relatively speaking, and if you have a large crack that's flexing, it may indicate impending failures elsewhere in the tub (part of the tub already couldn't handle the stresses). The major problem
A: Q: Last year I purchased a wonderful fiberglass door, but my husband painted it with old paint and the result is blotchy and looks terrible. How can we remove the paint and then repaint the door so it looks the way it should? —Ruth Ficker, Jerseyv
We just had fiberglass batt insulation installed in the crawl space under our house. There is a strong odor coming from the crawl space that was not there this morning before the work was done. I've never smelled anything like it and it is hard to de
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