Finish a laser engraved piece of wood

1 offers a host of custom products and production techniques, in this case, we'll review 400 Scrap Wood Coasters: Plane, Laser Engrave, Sand, Finish.

We care a custom CNC shop with lots of production equipment both CNC and manual for use across metal, wood, plastic and other materials. is a professional custom CNC shop with clients worldwide that can design, engrave, etch, mark, anneal and cut any material for any application in addition to custom design / build solutions.

If you want something CUSTOM by a passionate company that lives and breaths CUSTOM, you want to make it for you!

We have a full online e-commerce section with model kits and shape ideas as well as a blog with over two thousand articles showcasing our capabilities.

Visit us at for a free no-obligation...

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I was curious if you guys have any tips or opinions on finishing wood for engraving.

I've seen people do it a couple ways.

1. Not at all. Finishing slows down production and usually isn't needed.
2. Finish wood, mask, then engrave: I like this idea, but am not too keen on vaporizing urethane or whatever finish I'm going to use. Plus this leaves the engraved area non-finished.
3. Finish wood after engraving: This is what I've been doing, but there are a few trade offs as I see it. First off, getting finish into the engraved area can make for a mucky mess. You can't sand it, since it's a 'groove'. No risk of creosote trashing your finish. It's quite time consuming though.

I primarily am doing engraving for artistic pieces, so the detail and finish is extremely important. In an idea world, I could finish it before engraving, then have a quick way to put a final coat on the wood. Maybe a spray on urethane for protection or...

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I'm re-posting this helpful tutorial on behalf of Kris at

This is a great technique for making jewelry pieces or anything else out of wood. It's ideal for super detailed imagery like the victorian influenced selection here. This tutorial includes direction on setting up a file, having it laser engraved/cut, then finishing it for use in jewelry or whatever else you'd like.

If you've ever been curious about using laser cutting and engraving this is a great starter project!

I'm going to assume you've never had anything laser cut before. If this is already in your skill set, skip ahead to the next part below.

The first thing to know is that most lasers love vector graphics. Some can use .jpgs and other formats, but if you're looking for maximum compatibility vectors are the way to go. Unlike photos, vectors can be scaled from huge to tiny without losing any image quality. Adobe Illustrator is probably the most well known...

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Popular Laser Engraved Wood Art-Buy Cheap Laser Engraved Wood Art lots from China Laser Engraved Wood Art suppliers on Popular laser engraved wood art of Good Quality and at Affordable Prices You can Buy on AliExpress. We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you. AliExpress carries wide variety of products, so you can find just what you’re looking for – and maybe something you never even imagined along the way. If you are interested in laser engraved wood art, AliExpress has found 20 related results, so you can compare and shop! Try finding the one that is right for you by choosing the price range, brand, or specifications that meet your needs. Looking for something more? AliExpress carries many laser engraved wood art related products, including acrylic engraving signs , wooden laser...
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This Tree of Life wood art makes a striking addition to any home or office. The design started as a pen and ink drawing, which we soon realized would look incredible engraved in wood. The resulting laser engraved artwork is stunningly detailed and sure to bring warmth to your decor.

We sand and finish all of our wood art so that it's smooth to the touch. This piece comes either framed or unframed, and looks great either way! Please note that wood grain varies with each piece.

Made from 1/4" Baltic Birch.
Dimensions: 10" tall x 12" wide

There are three hanging options:
- Engraving Only (no hanger or frame)
- With Hanger (glued onto the back of the engraving)
- Framed (with hanger on frame)

The drawing this piece is made from is so good that we have made 6 total pieces from the design.
Prints of the original drawing can be found here:
Wood Art 1:...

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From cabinetry to photo frames to knife handles, Epilog Laser systems are used in almost every category of woodworking project.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a photo engraving is worth a thousand more! Engrave your customers' photos and memories on rich mahogany or natural pine for the perfect way to commemorate the past.

By utilizing both the cutting and engraving capabilities of an Epilog Laser system, you can create beautiful inlays for cabinets, awards, guitars, and more.

For those projects where you need to make things fast, a laser system can speed up your workflow dramatically. Quickly cutting materials like MDF and plywood can take you from concept to prototype in record time. Plus, since a laser lets you work with nearly any size or shape material, you can easily use those extra scraps of wood you have from that last project!

A laser system can help customize products to create unique, one-of-a-kind items that mean something greater....

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I have been using 3D printers for several years and find that some projects, especially making front panels for various gizmos, might be better if cut from a piece of acrylic rather than built up with a 3D printer.

With this goal in mind I explored the assortment of 40 watt CO2 laser engravers / cutters that are available. I settled on one that I found on eBay. It is inexpensive (less than $400 shipped) and should do what I need.

Technical details from the above listing are here: Tech Specs for Laser Engraver

What follows are my notes on setting up and using that machine.

Using the cutter / engraver to make a faceplate.

Using the cutter to cut a square (rectangular, actually) hole.

Thoughts on the unit after a few days of use:

For the most part I am thrilled by the performance of the laser cutter. I had very little to do in the way of adjustments and had it working in less than an hour. Here...

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Believe it or not, laser engraving wood products does come with some real challenges. These challenges are typically due to the organic and natural composition of the wood. It goes without saying that not every piece of wood is identical, and thus slight differences can be expected. Often the complaint with laser-engraved solid wood products is the lack of contrast. Recently, we had a job to laser engrave some solid maple plaques. And to overcome this potential problem of visible graphics, we chose to use some tricks.

The Problem

When we laser engrave, we are simply removing or vaporizing the substrate and exposing what is underneath. This is extremely true with CO2 lasers. For fibermark or YAG laser operators, you can tweak your laser settings from vaporizing the substrate to changing the composition of the substrate.

The common impression of engravers is that fibermark or YAG lasers can obtain a very decent contrast without any additional applications such as...

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This is the story of a tree. It ends with a beautiful piece of engraved wood, which is a very happy ending for a tree, but we’re not there yet. Right now, we have a lovely, strong tree, just waiting to be fulfilled. So how do we get from there to that custom piece of engraved wood? Follow along and we’ll tell you! First, the tree is cut down and processed. Many trees in this situation are destined to become particle board, paper or even just pulp, but not our tree! Its attractive shape and color have marked it for better things. Our tree is carved into thick boards, polished to show its grain off to best effect, and stained to enhance its natural beauty. All of this is a good start, but the final touch comes from the burning kiss of a laser. That’s what finally takes it to the engraved wood we mentioned at the start!

That’s also where we come into this process. We’re not lumberjacks, and we’ve never been in a lumber mill in our lives. But we can wield a laser like no...

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Welcome to We focus on providing unique and unusual gift selections - many of them "off the beaten path", many exclusively available from us - in a variety of materials and carefully personalized for you using our state of the art laser engraving systems. We do laser engraving. Period. We don't pad print, silk screen or etch. We have our own laser engravers and do all of our work in house so we can often offer you faster, more flexible engraving options. And for many products we can produce a personalized, custom item for you for little more than it costs for a "generic" item.

Whether you want a personalized rosewood pen set for that high school or college graduate, a set of razor sharp laser engraved steak knives as a unique housewarming gift, an elegant black onyx pendant monogrammed with that special someone's initial or 100 laser engraved promotional give away back scratchers to show your customers that "you've got their back", we're...

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Lets say you have a bunch of wooded coasters that you want to engrave your logo on. You could put them one at a time at the origin of the laser and engrave them one by one. But wouldn't it be nicer to layout several at once and have the laser engrave them all?

The trick is to create a grid that you can lay the pieces out on and accurately have the laser engrave on them. Create a new vector file the size of your laser bed. Then measure one of your shapes/items. If you can get its exact shape great, but if not just figure out a nice geometrical shape, like a circle or square, that it will fit snugly into. This will be your target shape. Create the target and position your design (engraving or cut) in the target. Now copy both the target and your design and paste as many copies as you can fit in the space of your laser bed.

Tip : Leave a little space between the targets so you can set them down without bumping the ones around them.

Before you print the file,...

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First barrel is $7.00 per pen (up to 9 pens).

* Quantity pricing is valid only when engraving identical text and logos on the pen/box.

Standard box engraving pricing is for #BOXR1, #BOXR2, #BOXM1, and #BOXM2 engraving only and does not include the cost of the box. First and second lines are $7.00 per box (up to 9 boxes).

* Quantity pricing is valid only when engraving identical text and logos on box.

Colorfill is where the engraving is filled with color and can improve contrast of the pen/box material. Colorfill is $4.00 for each pen/box no matter how much is engraved.

* Please note that, due to the masking process used, we cannot accept lighter woods without a finish .

There is a one-time setup fee of $5 for images provided in exact size, 300 dpi resolution, and in black & white (not grayscale). It must fit on the same line as text (approx. 1/4” or 6mm high). If it doesn’t meet this criteria, a one-time logo setup fee will be $10 - $25....

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Laser Engraving on the famous KA-BAR Fighting Knife can transform it form a Treasure to an Heirloom. The exquisite detail obtained by the Laser allows Your Personalization to preserve those very special memories and the addition of a Logo makes the Crowning Touch. Order this Special Customized KA-BAR for Yourself or as a Gift for your Military relative or friend.

2.5" x 11.875" x 1.25"

What some of our customers have to say after purchasing their custom KA-BAR utility/fighting knife:

"I just picked up the plaque from the post office, and I just had to write back and tell you I am blown away, this is truly more than what I expected. The pictures don't do these justice, in person this is simply a wonderful piece of art. I really want to thank you for the awesome service and attention to details this is one of a kind and I am excited to see his face when he receives it.

Thank you for helping me honor my friend and mentor's service and send him out the right...

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Chuckaroo's Laser Engraving by Chuckaroo

About Us
After many years of wondering what to do to keep busy in retirement, Chuckaroo decided that starting a small, home based, Custom Laser Engraving service sounded like a good idea. With an investment in a several new, state of the art, Epilog CO2 Lasers, we are eager to create some smiles and happy customers. His 30 year career, with "The Old Ma Bell", taught him how to ensure customer satisfaction and it also developed his high work ethics.

A lifelong shooter and Cowboy Action Shooting competitor, Chuckaroo decided to initially cater to the Cowboy Action shooters needs and begin the retirement hobby of laser engraving. The abilities of the CO2 Laser are really incredible. It will engrave almost any material and has resolution up to 1,200 dots per inch. This provides extreme detail and limitless opportunities for engraving.

Our initial focus is to cater to the Single Action Shooting Society™ (SASS)...

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