Finishing nails into treated lumber indoors… a disaster waiting to happen?



Joe M.

Last Updated February 22, 2016 01:09 AM

We framed out our new kitchen island with some leftover lumber, some of which is treated. Our cabinets came with some extra skin, which is roughly 1/8" thick, and we already attached it to our island with some interior finishing nails. After the fact I read that the finishing nails are not recommended for treated lumber. Since this application is indoor only, am I still OK? Do I need to extract the finishing nails and replace them with SS or galvanized?

Thanks in advance

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Only if you notice discoloration in a couple of decades would I remove them. They won't be getting wet so the chemicals won't be active nor re-activated. I've used scraps for decades of even the really toxic stuff & still don't have any side-effect from using finish nails, common nails, plain wood screws & even staples for casement window porch screens in 2x2 PT frames.

February 22, 2016 03:49...

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Environmentalists say last year's devastating flash floods in Uttarakhand, in which at least 5,000 were killed, and the unprecedented deluge in Jammu and Kashmir this year, both have the same cause - urbanization, reduced forest cover and erratic monsoon.

Authorities in both states ignored warnings from weathermen, magnifying a disaster waiting to happen.

At least 150 have been killed in Jammu and Kashmir, where large parts have been submerged, and tens of thousands are waiting to be rescued.

The meteorological department says it had issued warnings about very heavy rainfall in Jammu and Kashmir practically every day since September 2. But while a few families did move to higher regions, the state government seems to have failed to anticipate the extent of the crisis and effectively convince those who stayed back.

The situations in Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir are uncannily similar, experts say. In both cases the trigger was...

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A group of islands n the South Pacific is in danger of disappearing. Tuvalu will soon become the first country to be aninhabitable because of climate change and rising sea levels.

Tuvalu is about 1,050 kilometres north of its nearest neighbour Fiji. Its name means ‘eight standing toghether’, but in fact it is nine islands.

This tiny country is the fourth smallest in the world, after Monaco, the Vatican and Nauru.

In the summer, Tuvalu is hit by hurricanes and rough seas. These hurricanes have recently become more frequent and have begun to threaten life and damage bulidings and homes. They have also killed the fish in the seas around the islands. This is very serios because the fish are an important source of food for the people.

Rising sea levels, caused by global waming, have increased the level of salt in the ground water. This water is the only source of fresh water for people and farm animals.

Of course Tuvalu’s emission of greenhouse...

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1970 was a good year. I came into the world, and a film called Airport was released. This movie about an attempted hijacking of a passenger jet made $100 million at the box office, and re-ignited a film genre that would rule the big screens throughout the seventies. The modern disaster film was born.

I can’t improve upon the Wikipedia definition of disaster films as “a movie genre that has an impending or ongoing disaster as its subject. These films typically feature large casts of well-known actors and multiple plotlines, focusing on the characters’ attempts to avert, escape or cope with the disaster and its aftermath.”

I was too young to catch Airport at the cinemas. I also missed The Poseidon Adventure (a film about a capsized ocean liner) which came out in ’72. It was also hugely popular, won two Oscars, and formed a template for many disaster films to come.

When I was a kid I would often get dragged along to the movies with my family, usually clad...

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Published: 23:49 GMT, 26 June 2013 | Updated: 23:49 GMT, 26 June 2013

Uttarakhand is in shambles. Disaster, with most people calling it more man made than natural, has exposed the fragility of this beautiful, yet ecologically vulnerable region. Though the fury of nature has been unprecedented, many questions are being asked about the role of the state government.

These questions, based on equal doses of frustration, sadness and anger, are mainly being raised about the lack of disaster preparations and the development model pursued by the government.

By now several facts are well known. The Uttarakhand Disaster Management Authority, constituted under the chairmanship of the chief minister, has had no meetings in the past six years. Successive CAG reports have made scathing remarks on the lack of disaster management preparations in the state. Indiscriminate mining, haphazard urbanisation, rampant cutting of trees and forest covers, use of dynamites...

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Cracked Treated Wood TIPS

Treatment chemicals evaporate causing cracks Seal with synthetic-resin sealers - See my test results below WATCH wood epoxy video series below Apply sealer within days of installing treated lumber CLICK HERE to Get Tim's FREE & FUNNY Newsletter!

DEAR TIM: Over the summer I ripped up the old boards on my deck and replaced them with new pressure treated boards.

Now that they've had time to dry out, I'm about to stain the deck but I've discovered that a handful of boards are already splintering and cracking. This is really disappointing especially since I spent a little extra on the premium boards.

What's your advice on what I should do to remedy this? Would power washing help our just produce the same result?

Or should I replace the problem boards altogether? Should the warranty on pressure treated boards cover this? Adam W., Dallastown, PA

DEAR ADAM: Oh my, what a shame you had this happen.

Answers Abound At...

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I thought of the episodes that were...

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