First floor of house wobbles!


I've seen similar questions but I'm still stuck for an answer, so I hope someone can help...

I've just built what is essentially a two-storey cube, 6m x 6m x 6m. It's a steel construction, a little over-specified (very solid foundations, H-beam for the posts and beams, and box beams for the floor supports). The second floor is cement-wood board, 20mm thick.

When the frame was completed, it all seemed to be a bit too bendy, so I added additional 6" box posts inside at 2m and 4m, as well as triangular steel supports at the corners. That seemed to make the whole structure more stable.

However, now that I've laid down the tiles and have a good solid construction, the floor still wobbles whenever someone walks on it. It's very slight, but if I walk anywhere in the room, each table and everything on it shakes slightly for a good 10 seconds or so. You can feel the wobbling noticeably.

Is there anything that can be (easily) done to make the floor...

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Singomakers are back with another revolution pack “Future Wobble House”! Evolution never stops, and as a result we see a lot of genre fusions. One of the most popular right now is a crazy fusion of Bass House, Future House, Dubstep and EDM which we hear in tracks from Dyro, Don Diablo, D.O.D, Moksi, BURNS, Valentino Khan, Joyride, Habstrakt, Dr. Fresch, Eptic, Jauz and Epwhurd, Snails and more!
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We're thinking of replacing the damaged flooring in our kitchen with tile. It's a more practical surface, especially with children in the house, and a heck of a lot less expensive than the oak we'd have to buy to match the rest of the floor. Our floors are a little bouncy, though. What to do?

Unless you buy salvaged tile, the floor probably won't look old. But ceramic tile is very tough and easy-to-clean so your kids can spill all the juice they want without damaging the floor. And there's so much variety with tile that getting it to blend with an adjacent wood floor should not be difficult.

Another option is Mexican Saltillo tile, which are unglazed pavers made from clay. They're not as durable as ceramic tile but they have a warm, rustic look. (Yes, I know, they're really meant for a Southwestern adobe, not a four-square in Vermont. Yet they have a pleasantly rustic look no matter where you live!)

But the bounce in your floor is going to be a...

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As long as you checked with a structural engineer, and are assured the settling is "normal", the house isn't continuing to shift, and it isn't an ongoing problem - go ahead and just live there, and enjoy the home.

If, however, the slant in the floors affects your quality of life, that's another story. In that case, get a few estimates, but make sure it's worth going to the trouble and expense of attempting a "fix".

As others have mentioned - it is very common to see settling like this in older homes. A gal in my oiffice lives in a 70+ year old home. She told me she can vacuum her room by just letting go of the vacuum handle, and watching it roll along the room to the other side!

See, there can be benefits of owning an older home!

Best wishes.............

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Let’s take a look at a small but important difference in British and American English: the naming of floors in a building.

In British English the floor of a building at street level is called the ground floor. The floor above it is the first floor and the floor below is called the basement.

In American English, however, the floor at street level is usually called the first floor. Go up one floor and you are on the second floor (which, of course, is the first floor for the British). The floor below street level is called the basement, the same as in British English.

One or two of my American friends tell me that in public buildings in the US it’s also possible to call the street-level floor the ground floor, like in Britain.

Storey, storeys / story, stories

Another important word to consider here is storey. This word describes the level (height) of a building and the total number of its floors. Thus we say that a building has eight storeys, or is...

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There are some important differences between British English (BrE) and American English (AmE) in talking about the floors in a house.

In BrE the floor at the level of the surrounding land or ground is called the ground floor (this is the floor where you usually enter a house). In AmE the same floor is called the first floor. The floors above are numbered starting from the ground or first floor, so there is usually a difference of one level in BrE and AmE usage, as follows:

BrE: ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor etc AmE: 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor etc

This diagram shows a two-storey house that also has a basement level underneath.

A floor is the same as a storey: all the rooms that are at the same...

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Class A Samples Wobble House

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Class A Samples are back with new amazing Wobble House sample pack!

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Pack Details:

• 1 GB unzipped

• 126 BPM

• 6 Construction Kits

• 40 One Shots

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• 10 Serum Patches

• 10 Top Drum Loops

• 2 Video Tutorials

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

• House



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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If you’re looking for free bass house samples and presets for your productions, then this is the ultimate list for you! If you’re in need of wobbles, drums or synths that can be used in bass house productions, this article is the right place for you.

In this list you’ll find lots of free bass house samples and presets. We’ll start off with the sample list, and after there will be a list of bass house presets. If we missed any free bass house samples or loops that you would like to see on the list, please comment below and let us know!

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Ultimate List Of Free Bass House Samples

Free Bass House Samples:

A small pack of bass house wobbles, drums and synths taken from the full pack.

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This pack is full of bass and synth loops, drums, Massive presets...

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Let hype into the house, get the foundations shaking and reduce the mainroom to jelly with Wobble House! This brand new sound pack from the Prime Loops audio lab encapsulates all of the high energy characteristics of this new boundary pushing deviation of House, jam packed with hyper active and highly polished loops and samples freshly produced to put that w-w-w-wobble into your House productions.

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Great addition. Due to the way the 2nd story house is modelled, I noticed that you could put them in closer also (but the first floor doesn't fit). However, I just mentioned that in case someone might like the way just the 2nd floor house looks, without building the first one.

Also, by accident, and probably for the same modeling reasons, I was able to put 2 second floor house models close together at 90-degree angles, so that families can enter both houses. In short, this means that as long as you don't care about properly fitting houses and how they look, you could put about 3 houses/families all in the same general square that one house normally occupies.

I wouldn't be surprised if it might be possible to put 1 more 2nd-story house on top of that facing in the third direction, so that there are 4 houses there.

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Hi, I am new to pretty much everything DIY but am trying to learn so that I can fix up/repair/renovate my house myself. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am attempting to tile my kitchen floor but am running into some problems.
First, the kitchen floor had a hump running down the joist in the middle of the floor. I removed most of the OSB subfloor and found that the joist was causing the hump and was about 3/4"-1" higher than the other joists. So I ground it down and installed 3/4" plywood.

Then I noticed the plywood I just put in was still raised up and sloping from the joist I just ground down. The unevenness didn't seem too bad so I went ahead and put down some thinset mortar and began laying the cement board on top and screwed it down.

After laying my 4th board, I placed a tile on top of one just to make sure it lay flat. When I pushed on the edges of the tile, the other side would raise up slightly (I would guess around 1/16").


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Here’s the long and short of it: Los Angeles still hasn’t produced a skyscraper that qualifies as a great work of architecture.

The Wilshire Grand Center opened Friday as the tallest building in the city and the highest west of the Mississippi River, if only thanks to its spire. Holding meeting rooms and 365,000 square feet of class A office space on its lower floors, a 900-room InterContinental Hotel on its upper ones and a collection of bars and restaurants at the top, it reaches 73 stories and 1,100 feet, edging out the 1990 U.S. Bank Tower a few blocks away.

Chris Martin, chief executive of the century-old L.A. firm AC Martin Partners, which designed the tower, told me that what sets it apart, along with its height, is that it’s not restricted to a white-collar crowd. Because earlier L.A. skyscrapers (including the U.S. Bank Tower) were built to hold only offices, the general public never got to enjoy the views from the top, he said.

“And you can do all...

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The Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 falls at 28° Leo, bringing emphasis to recreation, pleasure pursuits and the promotion of personal interests. Extra pull exerted by the direct alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth gives an eclipse greater importance and a longer span of duration than an ordinary New Moon. While the influences described here may be most noticeable during late August and up until the NM of September 20, 2017 at 27° Virgo, later transits to the eclipse degree may coincide with important developments indicated by the eclipse.

Leo as a fiery sign excites men’s minds and an eclipse in a fire sign is associated with sensational events; sometimes bringing danger of war, movement of armies, or the threat of death, downfall or overthrow of some great political leader or royal figure. Mars conjunct North Node near the SE heightens the drama. Such a combination could mean fast acting developments and also that this Leo SE starts with a bang.


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Vengeance Nu Disco

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Nu Disco House is on the rise, and we’re sending you straight to the top of it with this new samplepack!

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Vengeance Nu Disco also includes an incredible array of uplifters, downlifters, impact hits, classic synth stabs, funky fills, and kick-free hi-hat and percussion loops - all perfectly trimmed and mixed, and available at both 120 bpm and 122 bpm. All kicks, synths, and effects also have the tonal key written in the filename, and the entire pack is perfectly organized so you can easily find the exact sound you need in the moment. This is a must-have for every modern House...

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