Fishing Wire From Corner of Attic?

Chris Lewis: Now that was a no nonsense commentary on just how f@#$ difficult it really is to fish a wire through a wall, and get it in the right place. Nice when it works, but 99% of the time, it don't!

Dave Overbey: He should have told you a good way to locate the proper spot to drill the hole down from the attic is after you established in the wall where the outlet is to go, cut the hole for it's box & then move strait up the wall to the ceiling & it's corner of the wall, drill into it's ceiling at the corner. & use a glow stick poked thru it to find it easily in the attic. Being right next to it' should be your top plate that you will need to drill down into it boring a hole about a 1/2" to fish the wire down using a magnet puller kit. It helps having someone/anyone to be above pushing while the other is pulling it down with a magnet puller. If so you run into a fire block it needs be cut over & under exposing the block on both sides to so drill a hole & fish it thru so that now...

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