Fitting a door handle


A door handle is like the jewellery of a door; the door isn't fully dressed until it has a door handle fitted on. You can easily fit a door handle yourself in a new door with a few simple tools and a basic door handle. You will need to make holes to house the latch body and both sides of the handle. It takes about an hour to fit the handle, so make sure no one needs to use the door during that time.

Drill a hole in the narrow edge side of the door with a power drill at the level at which you want the handle to be placed. This hole will accommodate the latch body, housing the latch that keeps the door closed.

Use a flat bit that is very slightly bigger than the diameter of the latch body. This will allow you to make a hole that will house the latch nicely.

Place the latch plate over the hole on the door. The hole in the latch plate should line up with the hole in the door.

Trace the shape of the plate with a pencil onto the side of the door.

Use a...

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Drill Driver, Spade Bit, Small Drill Bit, Hammer, Screwdriver, Combination Square, Tape Measure, Chisels, Pencil.

Door Handle Kit, Latch, Door Wedges.

Take your door wedges and place them either side of your door to secure it. Measure up from the bottom of your door to the height you want your handle and mark the door using your square and pencil. Follow round the edge of the door so your line goes right the way round both sides of the door.

Place the latch against your spade bit and, using your pencil, mark your bit at the depth of the latch. Use a piece of tape (any tape will work for this), to mark the depth you want to drill to. Place your drill onto the marked line on the edge of the door and start drilling. Stop when the drill bit has gone in to the door up to the tape. This should then be the correct depth for your latch. Place the latch into the hole and mark around the outside with your pencil. Remove the latch and, taking your chisel, gently chisel...

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A basic modern door knob (USA).

A door handle is an attached object or mechanism used to manually open or close a door.[1] In the United States, a door handle generally refers to any fixed or lever-operated door latch device. The term door knob or doorknob tends to refer to round operating mechanisms. Home-entry door handles are usually more sophisticated than bedroom door handles.


Parts of a basic door knob.

The traditional door knob has a bolt or spindle running through it that sits just above a cylinder, to which the spindle is connected. Turning the knob pulls the cylinder in the direction of the turn. The end of the cylinder is the "latch bolt" (more simply known as the "latch"), which protrudes into a space carved out of the door frame, and which prevents the door from being opened if the knob is not turned. A spring or similar mechanism causes the latch to return to its protruding state whenever the knob is not being turned....

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Home Improvement

Kitchen Door handles

Your kitchen design can be affected by Door handles and as it's considered an important part of your kitchen design. They will decorate your initial style of your kitchen. It is touched much time each day. More often it should an attractive, stylish and durable to maintain your kitchen design more gorgeous.

You will face up some of questions while thinking for new kitchen door handle, which are detailed below.

1. Are you going to replace an alternately kitchen door handle or a new installation?
2. What you are actually looking for, a kitchen door handle or kitchen door knob?
3. What style of handle you want to buy?
4. What size of handle would be suitable for your kitchen door?
5. Have you got the tools which are required while fitting a handle?

Fitting new kitchen door handles is slightly hard as they should have two holes. Distance between...

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As well as products such as our solid wood Victorian Door range, Early Doors also stock a range of high quality door accessories, such as our Door Handle Range.

In this range we have our round solid brass beehive door knob and round ebonised beehive door knob, both in 45mm diameter. Alongside these we also have our natural brass cottage door knobs. All of these items are expertly crated and will provide the perfect finishing touch to your solid wood traditional door.

We know that installation of these door handles can be a bit tricky, so below is a helpful guide on how to install door handles that is well worth a read!

1. Drill a hole in the narrow edge of the door — at the height you want the doorknob to be placed. This hole will be for the latch that keeps the door closed.

2. Position and hold the latch plate over the hole in the door. You should be able to see the hole through the latch plate when lined up.

3. Draw around the...

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How To Use A Handle Drilling Jig

Set up the Handle Hole Drilling Jig to line up with the holes on the handles that you are planning to use.

Hold the handle against the jig so you can see which holes to use. You can see in this instance that the first hole and the fourth hole corresponds with a 96mm hole centre of this particular handle. Then you need to drill out the first and the fourth hole on the jig using a 3mm drill bit.

Decide The Ideal Handle Position

On a base unit door the handle is normally mounted towards the top of the door. If you mount the handle half way down the door, you will be stooping down to open the door and struggling to reach the handle on a wall unit door, so we would suggest on a base unit door, fitting them towards the top and on a wall unit door, fitting them towards the bottom of the door.

Then Measure The Handle Position

Hold the handle in a position where you think it looks best....

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Along with our extensive range of exterior doors and interior doors, we supply and ship high quality door accessories and door fittings to properties and businesses across the UK.

So what type of door fittings can we supply?

Appropriate door handles enhance the look of the doors. Our wide range includes lock handles, Fortessa stainless steel handles, chrome handles and bathroom handles. All our high quality handles are traditional and modern styles.

Whilst the look of your door accessories is important, the quality of less visible fittings is important. For exterior doors a good lock is essential. We have a wide range – from our security 5 lever lock to our PAS23/24 rated Multi Point Lock by ERA. And for all doors, we supply appropriate hinges, for example a butt hinge. We stock a large range of ball bearing hinges including a security hinge with built in hinge bolts.

All our fittings are made and supplied by specialists. Everything supplied for...

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Accurate measuring and cutting are required when you fit a door, so please refer to the following DIY pages for further advice. If you are not the most experienced of DIY enthusiasts it is advisable to ask someone experienced to assist you or at least view our help videos here or on YouTube.

Along with supplying superior doors, we provide advice on how they are fitted.

Accurate measuring and cutting are required when you fit a door, so please refer to the following DIY pages for further advice. If you are not the most experienced of DIY enthusiasts it is advisable to ask someone experienced to assist you or view our videos on YouTube.

Keep the weather in its place...outside! Our advice on how to fit external doors and avoid the pitfalls with tips such as always decorate exterior doors before fitting and then there are lots of helpful tips for fitting interior doors.

The site is based on compatibility and will try and guide you...

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Things to think about it

Door sizes are standardised to the three most common widths, which are still exact in imperial terms: 2ft 3in (686mm), 2ft 6in (762mm) and 2ft 9in (838mm). If you have a non-standard doorway, you may need to have a new door specially made. Most off-the-shelf doors will be a very tight fit in a standard door frame, and therefore only need a small amount trimmed off their height and edges in order to fit them exactly.

There is usually a limit to how much you can trim a door (around 10mm in total), so check instructions before you start. You should always remove equal amounts from both sides of a door.

Changing internal doors will instantly revitalise a room, however, the job will be considerably easier if you use the same sized hinges as before, and can therefore use the same hinge positions that are already on the door frame. This is the technique shown in this leaflet. If the frame (door lining) is also new, simply measure off hinge...

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