Fix leak between seal and shower door joint


To diagnose a shower leak, it is best to go through a checklist of likely problems.

Check the door seals

Make a visual check of the door with the shower running. Check the rubber seals are not misshapen or worn, and adjust the shower door's position if necessary. Most door hinges will have adjustment points precisely for this purpose – an Allen key may need to be inserted into the hinges to adjust the door position up, down or sideways.

If the silicone seal around the tray is cracked, a leak is likely. To remedy, follow the instructions below for how to replace a mouldy bath seal.

Check the shower tray

If the seal cracks regularly, check that the shower tray is adequately supported. Plastic ones are often quite springy, so look underneath (most plastic trays have a panel in the side where you can access the underside).

Check that its legs are fixed correctly: it will wobble if it's not correct, but you should be able to screw the legs down...

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[Summary]Stopping a leak in a shower stall Letter: I have a ceramic shower, that is leaking, I do not know how it was built or what is underneath. In the last week +- have noticed about an ounce or 2 of water in the garage, I have a small openeing in the ceil


Stopping a leak in a shower stall

Letter: I have a ceramic shower, that is leaking, I do not know how it was built or what is underneath.

In the last week +- have noticed about an ounce or 2 of water in the garage,

I have a small openeing in the ceiling directly under due to the drain pipe, the drain pipe and feed lines are dry. But you can see the wood is wet (maybe 3"round) about 15" away this would be close to the corner.

How can I fix my leaking shower?

I have a bathroom with a wooden floor - not floorboards, but solid sheets of water-treated chipboard. It's an old house, ~90yrs or so, and we're renovating it. A lot of the...

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A pivoting glass frameless shower door will have a removable and replaceable door sweep along the bottom. By maintaining this shower door seal, you’ll ensure water doesn’t leak in the areas the seal should be protecting.

You’ll only need a few basic hand tools to cut the new seals to exact length, or for a little extra cost you can buy pre-cut shower seals and need no tools at all.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Remove worn door seal

Frameless door seals are simply pressure fitted. There are no adhesives or mounting hardware holding them on.

Over time and use the sweep fin will eventually tear from the main frame and lead to leaks. Mineral buildup will also create an unsightly discoloration over time as well in the seal location, which may be cleaned to a certain extent.

Worn and damaged shower seal

2) Assess sweep dimensions

Measure the glass door thickness and the length needed for a replacement.

Doors do vary in thickness....

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It’s true that the topic of shower door sealing for inexperienced homeowner could be pretty confusing. If you have no idea about what a shower door seal is and how it works, here are some fundamentals of how you can get into shower sealing.

Most of the shower doors with glass commonly used for shower enclosures, no matter bypass or sliding doors, cause a big problem: water leaks through the shower door frame while the door slides or pivots. Over time the leakage causes bigger problems like musty smell from the damp, damage to the floorboard, plasterwork and wood joist. To prevent those repair bills coming unannounced, the smart solution is to apply shower door seals to the glass.

Shower seal strip is an innovative concept that shut the gap between the shower panels. It is a small profile normally made of PVC or EVA, clipped to the edge of the glass working as a seal to keep water inside the shower tray, rather than all over the outside floor.

The choice of...

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Window Leak Repair

Watch Video on Window Leaks

Here at ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati, we’ve helped many homeowners solve a difficult window leak. These leaks often result from improperly installed windows or poor home construction techniques that prompt the need for repair. The following article reveals the warning signs that every homeowner can use to determine if they have a serious window leak.

Tell Tale Signs of a Window Leak

Visible moisture on the interior of your home on or around a window is a rather obvious sign of a window leak, but there are often more insidious window leaks with symptoms far more difficult to spot. Unfortunately, these symptoms arise only after significant damage has occurred. The following pictures and description will help you spot those problems before they can cost your thousands of dollars in preventable home repairs.

Do These Window Leak Symptoms Look Familiar?

If any of...

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Most residential duct systems have numerous leaks that waste energy and lead to room-to-room pressure imbalances. Unfortunately, though, few building inspectors outside of California bother to enforce existing code requirements that residential duct seams be sealed with mastic or high-quality duct tape.

Most model codes, including the International Residential Code (IRC), include duct tightness provisions:

The 2006 IRC section N1103.2.2 requires that “Ducts, air handlers, filter boxes and building cavities used as ducts shall be sealed,” while IRC section M1601.3.1 requires that “Joints of duct systems shall be made substantially airtight by means of tapes, mastics, gasketing or other approved closure systems.” Hardware-store duct tape is not an approved tape. Section 403.2.2 of the 2004 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC International Energy Conservation Code.) requires that “All ducts, air handlers, filter boxes, and building cavities used as ducts shall be...
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Leaks are common in condominiums and are a constant headache for associations. Given this, you’d think there would be straightforward and consistent process for handling leaks to ensure that everyone shares the burden of repairing the water damage fairly, and in accordance with the association’s governing documents and the Florida Statutes (Chapter 718.111(11) Insurance). Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and more often than not homeowners, or the association, have to come out of pocket to repair damage caused in whole or in part by another. This blog will examine the division of responsibilities and will recommend strategies the association may use to help protect itself and its homeowners.

Rule of Thumb: When dealing with property maintenance or repair, look to the governing documents to determine who is responsible. When dealing with damage caused by a casualty, look to Florida Statute 718.111(11)(f) to determine who is responsible.

Per Florida Statute...

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