Fixing a curtain rail to old brick wall


Hello again,

The plaster over mesh thing wasn't as far-fetched as it might sound.
The builders decided (in the 1970s) to put out soil pipe inside the
cavity wall. Outside are bricks, in the middle is the soil pipe, and
on the other side is the mesh with plaster over. I hope I never need
to access the soil pipe!

I have drilled another hole and it seems that the window is not like
this. There is flaky plaster over a breeze block. The problem is that
the wall plug (and I'm using proper rawl ones, not the cheap ones
included with the rail) are expanding in the plaster section, rather
than inside the block. The double-threaded thing, simply does not go
far enough to reach the block. When the plug tries to expand, the
plaster is simply crumbling around it so that it will not secure.

Any ideas?


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Not a silly question.

The length of screw will depend on what that wall has covering it. It could be lathe and plaster as mentioned above, or just plaster straight on to the brick.

Get your curtain rail, mark where the fixings have to go, and take it from there.

A conventional 'hammer' drill will probably do the job, but an SDS drill is FAAAR superior, and will guarantee a good clean straight hole. (Hammer drills tend to struggle, and can wander before drilling.) If you don't have access to an SDS drill and you plan to do occasional DIY work like this, then I'd strongly recommend you get one. Our hosts, for example, do very effective ones for not a lot of money.

Once you start to drill, you'll know what the wall is made of. It'll hopefully be softish plaster for a half-inchish followed by harder brick dust, or it could be softish plaster, a small gap, and then the brick (if there's lathe).

You want the screw to be getting in to the actual bricks by around...

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Curtain poles offer a little more variety and style choice in the way you hang your curtains than using a basic curtain rail or curtain track. A curtain rail or track only allows you to clip your curtain to the track itself but with a pole you can do so much more.

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All pretty good advice up there but be aware there are HSS bits and HSS bits.

To get through a hard material you may need to upgrade to cobalt bits, these are a much harder bit so will cut better. Also, with metal drilling, faster isn’t better – by the time it’s screaming and glowing red the bit’s knackered and you’re going to need another one anyway, whatever it cost

This…Thanks tinybits!

I picked up a set of cobalt bits form my local hardware store and took it easy with the drill speed, pausing every 10 secs or so for the bit to cool and working up from a smaller pilot to the size of hole I needed. Easy when you know how!

I suspect my previous ‘HSS’ bits were made of toffee.

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I think you had better get some one do it for you .You do need a bit of basic DIY knowledge . OK so I will tell you. Before any holes or screws check where the brackets need to be. How far from each end are the outer brackets and how many brackets in between. What happens in the middle?. Is it one long rail or do you have an overlap in the middle., These will all affect where the brackets will be. What material have you got to fix the brackets to . Plastered brick, or wood or what . Once the position of the brackets is established ,including the height above he window, if fixing to a plastered wall you will need to use a bracket to mark the position of the screws and drill the wall accordingly,then tap in the right size of rawlplug Fit the bracket and use the same technique fot the rest. then fot the rail to the brackets and finally the hooks or runners for the curtains. Different makes of rail use different fixtures and different types of curtain hooks so read the...

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Not sure that answer will help anyone else looking at the thread... :(

In my experience if you allow curtain walling to auto embed, Revit ignore the wall closures so you get what you see at the top of your original image.

We circumvent that by using a wall opening first and then adding the curtain wall second - this gives us a number of advantages as we can set the size of the opening to specific brick dims for example and then ensure our curtain wall fits accordingly - it also gives us the correct wall closures so everything 'looks' correct as well.

It would be helpful to know how your original model is put together to understand better why you have different conditions top and...

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A curtain rail is a cheap and convenient element for making sliding constructions. It can be use for displaying various items (curtains and paintings to name two). Of course, dedicated rails exist for hanging paintings: usually these are finished really well and they have a click-and-go attachment. A curtain rail is a poor-man's version of this neat picture-rail: cheaper, less robust, but available in multi-meter sizes.

A curtain rail is a very useful element for organizing small spaces.

The question however is: how to suspend or fix the cheap rail nicely. This Instructable shows how to by-pass the standard fixation elements (see pictures in Step 2) and screw the rail directly onto a slat. Note: curtain rail designs may vary across countries. This Instructable bases on a metal-sheet rail, the most simple one can find (in the Netherlands).

This long slide has been used in a twin Instructable, which documents a drying rack in the form of a long drawer, to be...

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Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place, but I figured as I'm thinking about attaching something to a brick wall this might be the best place...

I’m a DIY-newbie. I’ve put up a picture and curtain rail but that’s about it, so I’m looking for some advice about a DIY activity I’d like to do.

I would like to hang a heavy boxing bag in my house. I don’t want to hang it outside, and the only inside option is the garage. There aren’t any decent looking roof beams, and it’s a flat roof, so I figure the best solution is to fix it from a wall bracket.

The wall I am thinking of attaching it to is a single thickness brick wall.

I am planning on attaching a 30kg bag using this bracket (which is spec’d for bags up to 100kg):

Rather than fixing this directly to the wall, I thought it might be best to fix some wooden batons to the wall first and then screw the bracket to that.

I thought a 1” (deep) by 2’ (wide) baton...

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..sorry by u mean cover whole thing what did you mean exactly?

Screw a piece of timber (approx. 4" X 0.75" ) to both pieces of 2X1, this will hide the joint between the two 2X1s, give a bit more thickosity to fix the curtain rail to and provide extra support to the lower piece of 2X1.

Self taping screws are strong enough to screw into an RSJ if the correct sized pilot hole is drilled first (they then cut their own thread in the steel - hence self-tapping). There are also "Tek Screws" available which can be used without a pilot hole - these will work OK in a Catnic lintel but if it's an RSJ drilling a pilot hole first would be easier for a novice.

One day it will all be...

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