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Estimators have suggested the issue is definitely with the valley and one of them recommended I could install flashing in/along/under (not sure what he meant) the valley to improve the situation. I purchased a roll of aluminum flashing. I am not clea
Okay, I've got a recently-installed standing-seam metal roof. The roofers ground out the brick in my chimney to install counter-flashing. Recently there was a big leak around the area of the chimney
FLASHING WALL to FOUNDATION or SLAB- CONTENTS: Details on where & how to install flashing at the intersection of building siding or building walls with a horizontal surface such as a projecting foundation wall or a concrete porch or floor slab. P
Background: A bay window has been having ice dam issues for the past couple of years. I think the water is coming in through the space between the gutter and the fascia. That space is just on the inside edge of the bay window
Step 3 – Cinder Block Retaining Wall RepairsConsult the bag of mortar for the mixing instructions, and make the mortar in the bucket
She had tried everything- a chimney cover, flashing, even rebuilt the entire top of the chimney. By the time I met her she’d spent thousands of dollars but nothing fixed it. This was an older house with an unlined brick chimney
When you think of your roof, you probably only think about the main component: The shingles or the tiles that enhance the look of your home and that protect it from rain and the elements. Yet your Peoria roof is actually composed of numerous elements