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Q: What is the very best finish for hardwood floors that you can get? One that resists traffic flow wear, scratches, pet markings, etc. ? A: There are a lot of excellent finishes on the market. I was recently sent 4 gallons of one product to sample r
I get a surprising amount of traffic here on the blog from people searching for pictures of black tiles with black grout (or black pennyrounds, or just black bathroom floors in general), and a lot of those people then email me to ask about whether I
Our Plastic Sheet and Tape Reduces Friction on Sticky Surfaces Slick Strips UHMW Sheet and Tape is a product line that we have been producing for over 25 years. Slick Strips reduce friction on all surfaces. Wherever you need to increase sliding actio
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With these types of tiles you do not want them to break as they are harder to demo when they are in bits and shards. If you try to use a scraper (even power) what inevitably ends up happening is the top of the tile comes off, leaving the much harder
About 8 months ago I laid down a floating bamboo floor. The planks are solid carbonized strand bamboo. We allowed the planks to acclimate for over two weeks in the apartment and then laid down the floor as a floating floor- gluing the planks together
It seems there was a miscommunication and a contractor painted the concrete floor by mistake. I know that the proper way would be to remove the paint but I try to avoid that because overall project progress is too far (walls painted, cabinets built i
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Out-of-level floors are not only nuisances to walk across, but if they’re severe enough, they can also become a real safety hazard. Slanted floors can also cause cracks over windows and doors or make doors and windows stick and tough to operate. Thus
All of that should be torn out and replaced with backerboard, which is then coated in a waterproofing membrane, to be tiled over and sealed. Or it can be replaced with the same modern type of dry-pack mortar bed, of which I'm not a fan and neither ar