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Laminate on Concreate Basement Floor. Do I need a subfloor? I'm about to start my first flooring project. I'm going to be installing laminate over my concrete basement floor
I've seen similar questions but I'm still stuck for an answer, so I hope someone can help. .
clearing a concrete slab is an entirely different process than using it as a base for some other flooring the key is homogeneity. to achieve that, on a previously adhered to floor, is to coat it with a layer of new cementious material. just trowel on
update! first, I'm picking up plywood this evening, full sheets, using HD's truck rental for $20. As for the floors, we have been continuing to prep them. scraping/removing glue, removing baseboards, etc
For those of you who do not have sufficient area for storing gardening materials, metal sheds will definitely be useful to have. In order to change a metal shed in terms of appearance, you can simply make some facelift to your outdoor storage space.
NO- Peel and stick vinyl is a trap! Glue-goop seeps up from the seams after about a year, making black blobs on the floor (to clean, scrub with a putty knife, weekly at least), while at the same time dirt begins to find its way under the edges of the
Yes. Just make sure you use fiberglass mesh on top of the backer and use a good quality polymer modified mortar to install the tiles. Backerboard subfloors are a cheapout way of avoiding the installation of a proper lath and mortar base (there is sim
We'll have a Quetz soon and I'm excited, it'll be my baby. We keep our birds in an aviary, I want to build something similar to keep it safe but I can't seem to find how much space it takes. That
Laying a tile floor is not as hard as you might think and can save the expense of having it professionally installed. To get started you’ll need: Tools: Pencil Tape measure Level Speed square Notched trowel Rubber float Grout sponge Tile spacers Powe
By standard, I mean it was a typical Quikrete mix with gravel, sand and portland cement. As I was working the top of it with a float, I realized it wasn't going to dry anywhere near the smooth-ish texture of the rest of the floor. I'm guessing that's