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Extra outdoor housing has always been demanding too much! Try DIY options to create an outdoor man cave or residence having all those necessary features you may have even enjoyed in your own cozy home! This is the best option too to save a lot of you
If you want to create a shower entrance without a curb this shower ramp will accomplish that goal quickly and easily without making a tile installation problem. Masonry & Glass Systems stocks the Wedi ADA compliant shower ramp for immediate shipm
We have sheet marmoleoum installed in the large common space of our complex. It gets heavy use including tables and chairs being dragged around, etc. Also in the heavy used laundry room (cleaning solution spills, machines moved, etc
We show every step to repair a big hole in the subfloor. All done from the top side! It's pretty easy when you know how. We removed an old chimney and that left a big hole in the living room floor! We filmed step-by-step repairing that big hole and i
Although hardwood floors should last about 40 years, in the real world things happen to damage it over time and sometimes it becomes necessary to remove hardwood floors. Whether you are interested in removing few pieces without damaging it or to go f
First the flooring is fine as long as it isn't warped. To me there seems to be three main install issues: You do not have enough gapping around the perimeter of your install. If you are going to glue these down on concrete they would almost assuredly
Always an interesting choice. Most new construction puts cabinets on the subfloor. One of the reasons for doing this is to avoid damaging the new floors during construction
What is Microtopping? Ideal Work MICROTOPPING is a polymer-modified, cement-basedcoating designed to be used in multiple thin coat applications. Microtopping is highly resistant to abrasion and the adhesion properties allow Microtopping to be used on
I've got a "crawl space" (really an unfinished space) under the main floor in a 2-story-with-basement house. I'd like to build essentially a deck frame and cover it in 3/4" plywood so that we can more easily use it as a storage area. Picture of the s
Not sure if this should be a comment or an answer. You will need something on top of the concrete but under the radiant tubing to reflect the heat upward. They do make a metal coated wood for that purpose that has channels already routed out for the