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by bob Last Updated February 19, 2016 01:09 AM I'm first time homeowner and bought a house (built in 1999) in fall of 2015 (Philadelphia suburb). During inspection of the house I noticed squeaky floors and inspector said its due to nails rubbing agai
Quick-Step Laminate floors expand and contract in function of changing relative humidity conditions in the room. The HDF core board is isotropic and works, equal in both length and width. This means it is extremely important to have expansion joints
Most of the house has hardwood flooring that for the most part looks really good. However, I've found some spots here and there throughout the house that are starting the chip. What are my least invasive options for fixing this problem? I say least i
Contractors wanting to install underfloor radiant heating should have no trouble – even if they’ve never installed one as it is very straightforward. In this example, three separate HeatWeave electric radiant heat mats from Watts Radiant were install
This will be the first time I do tiling myself. The bathroom subfloor is concrete I believe. I am on a condo top floor so will need some sound insulation
Real Hardwood Floors or Laminate Hardwood Floors. This is the eternal debate! We recently installed Laminate Wood Flooring in our home (you can read more HERE), and I wanted to take a moment to explain why we went with laminate floors and the pros an
For those that read the blog often or follow FOXY OXIE on Instagram (THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!), you have watched as little by little our bungalow blossomed into a real house. But since it’s been a few weeks from the last progress report, I figured
A spongy floor around the toilet is a strong indication that the subfloor has absorbed water. Peel back the flooring around the fixture and you will likely discover swollen, discolored wood -- a sure sign that the subfloor needs replacing. The job is
We’re listing alphabetically all of the flooring types available so that you can easily determinewhether you can install laminate over that specific flooring type. Remember that laminate flooring, like Swiss Krono USA’s Laminate Wood Flooring, is a f
i would start by digging out the area a little bit to see how bad the hole is. if its not to deep or just a sign of a bigger problem, i would fix it like so: 1) using lacquer sticks and an alcohol lamp (you can get these at lee valley or rockler, etc