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Couple ideas come to mind: Focus near windows, this is the typical location of an HVAC vent. Compare the room with others to find common locations, spacing from the wall, and typical number of vents in the room. If you believe you have located it, a
First of all, I am REALLY not the manual type of guy. I am renting this place, with this flooring in the entrance and the kitchen, that is in very bad shape. It's old, very used, which males it very dirty very quickly
I doubt it qas from rhe cleaning unless standing water or harsh chemicals were involved. Find out what chemicals were used to clean the flooring. Some (all?) laminate flooring is very susceptible to chemicals and recommend either only water or specia
no - but it depends on the installation. if the vinyl is in good shape (not loose or coming off in big chunks) then you can leave it. also, try driving a few staples into the floor
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This is a very old kitchen. The cabinet I removed was there for most like ~30 years (minimum 20). I removed it but not sure of the next steps
I would like to know if it is ever an acceptable practice to mix or blend two diverse thinsets together, and under what circumstances one may resort to this practice (outside of desperation to finish a job in a shorter timeframe)? Specifically, I'm i
Baseboards should be installed after laminate. Most (all?) Laminate is a floating flooring system which means it doesn't actually attach to the subfloor (friction holds it in place once all the pieces are set together. As a result, it will expand/con
I know this has been asked somewhere else, but I can't find the solution. I have a simple layout. A container Div with two floating divs inside
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