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A subfloor is an important aspect that shouldn't be ignored. Installing a basement subfloor has many benefits. The major difference between a basement which has subfloor and one that hasn't is a warm walkable surface
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What are transition strips? Transition strips are used when you are joining together two different sections of a building, like offices and a hallway or an open area where flooring types change
Although hardwood floors should last about 40 years, in the real world things happen to damage it over time and sometimes it becomes necessary to remove hardwood floors. Whether you are interested in removing few pieces without damaging it or to go f
First the flooring is fine as long as it isn't warped. To me there seems to be three main install issues: You do not have enough gapping around the perimeter of your install. If you are going to glue these down on concrete they would almost assuredly
Allure Flooring InstructionsAllure Resilient Flooring Allure Flooring Installation Instructions Allure Flooring Allure flooring is a very attractive product, both in looks and price
I'm getting ready to float a bamboo floor in my kitchen. I know I need to lay the flooring underneath the appliances, and I'll need to leave an expansion gap next to the cabinets and walls. The trouble is that there's not really much room between the
This can be a tough problem to work out in a situation like this. Particularly if you are trying to run the same type and size of molding from one floor area through to the other. What I have done in instances where the height changes are small is to
PicturesI have a new house under constructions and recently found many many cracks have developed on the concrete slab in the basement. The worst run along straight lines where the sections were poured. These don't have shrink seams in place, they ar
That is a common question from my customers over the years. Although it is usually better to start from a solid base of hardi-backer or concrete board subfloor, tile can be laid over an existing floor if some condition are met. The existing floor mus