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It's really a matter of personal taste and the other aesthetic aspects of your home. There are basically 3 options, as I see it: Keep the flooring oriented the same direction throughout. Obviously cross-hall boards may look odd depending on the style
Start by choosing the tile. (This could be the hardest part!) If your local tile shops or home centers don’t have tile you like, shop online like we did for an almost unlimited selection and reasonable prices. To duplicate our project, choose a 3/4-i
Have you ever walked through the house late at night, hoping to sneak a spoonful of ice cream or make a plate of leftovers without anyone the wiser, only step on a squeaky floorboard? Squeaks and creaks in hardwood floors are commonplace. Unfortunate
Can ceramic tile be installed over my existing particle board?Because ceramic tile is rigid and somewhat brittle, a strong underlayment is the most important part of the ceramic tile installation. Interior-grade plywood and particle board are not a s
My question is how should I go about laying tile over this? I have the 3/4" wood floor to tie into so I don't want to go too crazy with additional underlayment. From some initial research, it seems my best option might be to go with a layer of 1/2" p
You didn't mention your location, which would be very helpful, as things like frost heave and drainage matter where foundations are concerned. But, in general, floors are likely to be uneven because of the foundation. Here's where it gets hard, thoug
I posted a few photos a couple of weeks ago, on facebook and instagram, when we were laying new flooring in our bedroom and living-room. I received several questions about how we laid our floor and the difficulty of laying a new floor. So today I’m g
BUBBLES IN VINYL FLOORING BUBBLES FLOOR TILE — BATHROOM, KITCHEN, PLAYROOM, LINO, VINYL. How to fix vinyl floors and make repairs such as vinyl floor seam repair and bubble elimination. Bubbles can occasionally appear in a sheet vinyl floor, even if
Hi analvg, Mark has some good advice. You can remove it yourself but as he says, you need to 'understand' a little about asbestos. Asbestos isn't really a respiratory problem unless it becomes airborne (as you've already read
The quest to find a long lasting garage floor paint that will stand up to use and abuse may finally be over. That’s right, we said it. There really is a durable concrete floor paint available that will last for years, not peel, and not develop the dr