Footing for 4x8 swingset beam and playhouse


I am building a playhouse with swingset attaching to it. One side of the swingset beam (4x8x12) will be A-frame. The other side is attaching to the playhouse. I have a question about attaching to the playhouse though. Is it OK to put 4x8 beam directly on top of 4x4? I am planning to have the swingset to be 7.5 feet high max. So if I get 4x4x10, can I bury 2.5 feet of the 4x4 post into concrete?

I want to do something similar to this but their example is using 4x4 beam and the 4x4 footing does not have concrete footing.

I imagine 4x8 beam would need to have 4x4 footing into concrete. Or is it not...

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I would like to build the A-frame swing structure. One end of the beam attaches to the playhouse. The other end is the A-frame and I plan to use 4x8x12 treated lumber as the beam since I already bought one extra from previous project.

I have been researching for the mounting bracket but most would say to support 4x6 beam only like this


I rather not use multiple lumber pieces to build the horizontal support like this because we think it's somewhat "ugly":

OR this (using 4x8 instead):

My questions are:

Is there some kind of bracket from home improvement store that I could use? I am thinking of using "4 in. x 8 in. Concealed Face Mount Joist Hanger" like below

..and then install it as in the "red" box in this picture:

Could I use the 4x6 bracket for 4x8 lumber?

Or best, is there one bracket purposely built for 4x8 lumber?

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With the narrower angle (15), they add cross supports. The wider angle (30) is given with no supports.

Making a stable swing set is no joke. Unless it is part of a larger structure that weighs it down, the legs need to be anchored in concrete. When I was a kid I used flimsy backyard swing sets and could easily rock the whole swing set, frame and all, back and forth. Also, the swing set should be 10 feet from any fence, wall or hard surface (like pavement) if you want to avoid injuries. Some children (like myself) will swing out to the maximum height (about 8 feet) then leap out of the seat and go flying. When I was a kid this was a game we played, the object being to see who could catapult themself the furthest distance.

There is no hard and fast rule about the angle. It depends on the design of the swing set, especially the height, the material and the way it is joined. You can use a narrow angle, but the beams must be correspondingly stronger and better...

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When you invest in a Wooden Swing Set, you are making an investment in your child's early childhood development by increasing her self-confidence, social skills, imagination, physical strength, and muscle coordination development.

Self-Confidence: At the beginning, your child will not know how to maneuver around the wooden playscape. As he learns how to climb the ladders, slide down the slide, or swing on the swing, she will increase her own self-confidence.

Social Skills: A Wooden Playset will provide a wonderful location for your child to increase his social skills and build life-long friendships. Your child can learn how to interact with her siblings, friends, or neighbors playing at his play structure, by sharing the swing or taking turns sliding down the slide. They can plan their next imaginative adventures, tell stories, and play games in their own private deck areas.

Imagination Development: As your child plays with her steering wheel, telescope, and...

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You can hire a contractor to build an outdoor play set on your property, or you can try to figure out the project from scratch—but we don't recommend either approach. The first is expensive. The second is risky: Do you know what constitutes hardware that's strong enough to support a swinging child? That's where this project comes in. It combines hardware that comes as a kit from a reputable company with lumber you source and cut yourself. We used the three-swing Pathfinder hardware package and wave slide from Backyard City (; about $600), which had everything we needed for two swings, a trapeze bar, a sandbox, a 10-foot wave slide, and a ladder up to a canopy fort. The kit also includes detailed construction plans, bolts, screws, and brackets. We spent about $350 on lumber and got to work. Two people can put up this play set in a day and a half to three days, depending on their skill level. But we suggest you take your time and get the kids involved. For them, the...

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Family DIY

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If you want to design and build a backyard playground that meets your needs, but you don’t want to start from scratch, a good option is to buy a precut playground kit. Most home centers and a number of Internet suppliers sell do-it-yourself playground packages containing parts and hardware to make a complete play area. Some of the kits include all of the wood, while others include a list of lumber that you must buy with the set. Dozens of different designs are available, from a basic swingset and slide to elaborate, multilevel play areas with numerous extra features. Most manufacturers design their systems so that optional features can be easily added on. Most playground systems are designed to be installed with poured concrete footings, but in some cases you may be able to get by with simply anchoring...

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Playhouse Plans - How To Build A Playhouse - Easy Step By Step Playhouse Plans

Playhouse Plans - How To Build A Playhouse - Easy Step by Step Playhouse Plans Playhouse Plans Playhouse plans are the best way to learn how to build a playhouse that you will be proud to show others what you have accomplished. Playhouse Designs There are so many playhouse styles and designs to choo...

Swing Set - J5

I love swing music, and I love Jurrasic is an homage to you like it...

Swing Sets, Play Structures, Tree Houses - Custom Installations Or Diy

We've installed over 3, 000 play structures world wide! This video shows one of our customized installations featuring: * A customized multi-level clubhouse * Bunk beds, ceiling fan, electricity and table for TV and games * Cyclone spinner - that's really fun! * Swings, Climbing Board, Zip Line, San...

How To Build Kids Swing Cheap

How i built my kids swing to give you some ideas when you do...

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AVAILABLE 5-22-2015

WHY PAY RETAIL? Completely Restained Large CUSTOM BUILT Canadian White Cedar Clubhouse Style Swingset delivered and installed in your backyard!

This set Includes:
Solid Wood Roof. No messing with vinyl Tarps
Staircase with Handrails suitable for any age.
5'x 5' Upper Deck 5' High
Solid Lower Deck with Heavy Duty Picnic Table and Benches
10' Slide which lifts easily for Landscaping
Extremely Sturdy Double A-Frame with 2 Position, Beefy 4" x 8" Swing Beam 8' off the Ground
2 Swings with Plastic Coated Chains.

1) Add a 4x4 above and to the right of the Slide with a Trapeze Bar/Rings (or Full Bucket Swing) for $150
2) Extend the Swing Beam making a 3rd Position and Add a PogoStick for $250
3) Add Both for $350

Price includes delivery and setup and minor hardware.

This set is in near perfect condition and will out-last your kids, so you can easily...

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