Found old, deteriorated septic tank lids in yard, do I need to keep them?

My risers are leaking ground water into the tanks every time it rains. It's pouring in gallons per minute through the gap between the existing risers and the tanks, the level increases 1" every 20 minutes.

One of the companies I talked to said they would replace my existing risers using the Seal-R system posted above. I have 2 problems with this:

The instructions say to use expanding foam to seal the riser to the ring. They use Great Stuff. I called Dow Chemical and asked if that was an appropriate use for the foam, and they told me absolutely not. They said it would deteriorate underground like that and it's not meant for that purpose.The riser itself has ridges. When the ground freezes and heaves or expands, it will pull the riser away from the tank. This will potentially cause your seal to fail.

Now, to be fair, the company that makes Seal-R says that they've been installing them this way with no problems since 1998. And they are in MN, where the ground freezes pretty...

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Be careful, first of all...

If it is a septic tank (and a concrete tank certainly suggests that), then for obvious reasons you don't want to be messing with what is in there. If it is clean, you could get a simple sump pump and pump it out, but if you don't know what you are getting into, that could turn into a gigantic mess in a real hurry.

There should be someone there locally to you that does septic tank service, you can probably get them to come pump it out and inspect it... they have the equipment to do it safely. If it is a septic tank and you pump it, you might even be in trouble for pollution issues, which a septic service company would not.

As it happens, I just had mine pumped out, and it cost $240 + tax to get it done (actually cost more, but we had to find the tank, which you already have).

Regarding smell, if it was pumped out when decommissioned, and has been sitting for a while unused, it might not necessarily...

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