Questions about: frame

I'm now installing 2 large patio door sliders that require the frame heightened. When I resize the framing opening, is it possible to have the door/window fit perfectly on all four sides with no gap? There will be no insulation, and I can make it squ
first of all one had better look in to the construction of the house and see if the support is such that one can do it with reasonable rooms in the basement, there are two basic ways of doing it, one is to put up temporary supports and put to rebuild
Edit: You are looking for a 2x6 aluminum tube. This should be pretty much have the same physical properties as a pine 2x6 (which looks like what you have in the lower picture). In the upper picture, it looks like two 2x2s that are sandwiched together
Total novice here. My wife wants one of those security door guards (a hinged arm that swings open to a point) on the door. I had bought the hardware, but put it off when the provided screws turned out to be for wood only, unable to penetrate the fron
A window screen (also known as insect screen, bug screen, fly screen, flyscreen or flywire) is designed to cover the opening of a window. It is usually a mesh made of metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic fiber and stretched in a frame of wood o
Square endposts balanced by ornate details. Sturdy metal frame. Multi-layer, hand-applied finish in Gilded Slate
Pegboard is great for carrying weight over a large surface. But because it is only 3/16" thick, it can't carry a lot of weight in one spot. For areas of the wall where you want to hold heavy tools and yard equipment, use a rail system
In Egypt, where the climate is intensely dry, there would be no fear of their warping, but in other countries it would be necessary to frame them, which according to Vitruvius (iv. 6. ) was done with stiles (sea/si) and rails (see: Frame and panel):