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So I've recently moved in to a new house and the kitchen has two "blind cabinets" but no real good place to put my cat's food and water where it will be out of the way. So I got this brilliant idea that I could partition one of these blind corner cab
I am planning to build ceiling storage in garage. One side of it will be hanging from ceiling joist the other one will be attached to the wall. The joist that I am planning to use 20 ft long and consist of two 2x4 linked by metal plate, so it is not
A wall vent maintains even temperature throughout a house by allowing air to enter and exit the wall through the vent. In a bathroom, or other humid areas of the house, a wall vent reduces the amount of moister that collects in the wall by letting it
This element has a width of 100%. Setting height and widthThe height and width properties are used to set the height and width of an element. The height and width can be set to auto (this is default
Garage vs Carport We all know what garages are and how important they are for the safety and security of the cars of a household. There are also carports built by some homeowners, to park their cars. Many people remain confused between a garage and c
I'm not sure if ipe is a great choice for this, but I think it deserves an honorable mention because I've never seen insects eating it. The trouble with it would be needing to predrill holes (because it's so hard), and it's a bit more expensive than
I agree with littlecaesarsdad. Usually, you can find the drywall price by doing this little trick: Take the floor square footage, which in your case is 1,200. Multiply the floorspace by about 5, to be safe
I think you have misinterpreted the picture in your posting. The OSB is not really on the "inside" of the soffit. Instead that part of the soffit in the picture was constructed using some I beam structural members that are made with OSB material notc
In this instance, we have installed the bottom piece 1 1/4 inches above the flashing, so it will end up 1/4 inch above the decking, which is 1 inch thick. .