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Now that our pool is getting near completion, we've started to think about planting 4 trees in the backyard (along with other landscaping). Because of the surrounding houses, I'd like to place the trees in specific spots for privacy, especially from
If the 2x4 is not too twisted, then you can probably just use a clamp or a block. Start by fastening one end of the stud in place, and then use one nail to fasten the other end. The nail should be placed such that one of the edges of the stud is cent
I'm building a dog house for our new puppy and got stuck on something. The plan.
) This "over engineering" allows you to put a large cabinet or waterbed in your upstairs bedroom, or a grand piano in the living room, and not having to worry about your home collapsing on you! This margin of safety, designed into structures via enfo
Massive overkill. If you are content to give up the vertical height this monster takes, simply extend the line of its bottom out to 1/2" from the top face of the rafter and cut a lot of (looks like 24) 1/2" plywood triangles. Glue and screw to the fa
Tricks of the TradeUsing a structural ridge beam for your log cabin roofing is much stronger and more stable than a conventional ridge board held in place with rafters. It is also easier to assemble by installing the ridge beam and then hanging the r
Drywall compound by itself might not be the best solution since its not really a great gap filler; it requires a backing to adhere to which is why you use either paper or fiberglass tape when putting up drywall. As tester101 suggested, you could use
Assume the horizontal member can be treated as a beam and assuming the diagonal member may be treated as a rod, what is its axial force as a function of the applied loading $P$ and length parameters $L_i$. Assume that the connection between the beam
I am expanding the deck that goes very far (35 x 48 feet ~ 1000 sqft). So I am pretty sure the further end will not perfectly parallel to the house. It could be 1-2 inch off from one end to the other end
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