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I'm opening up a closet in our 1958 home. I believe (I plan to get confirmation from a licensed contractor or engineer) that this is not a load bearing wall considering that the opening runs parallel to the joists in the attic above, the wall is an i
In this article, we'll focus on installing standard prehung doors. These have a door jamb that's 4-9/16 in. wide and are made to fit into a 2x4 wall that's 4-1/2 in
There's a built-in gap in the height and width of the opening. so trimmer/king plumb parallel to the wall's length isn't crucial (to a degree). It's far more critical to get the wall itself plumb perpendicular to the rough opening
Through the moving process I have taken the notion that less is definitely more in the house. And while that doesn’t mean I’ve thrown anything away it does mean that I’m not going to be cluttering the house with this and that and this and that. That’
This question is a bit on (or over) the edge of what's sensible to ask here. Even those who might be structural engineers (I'm not) can't do your structural engineering over the internet. People get hurt when buildings fall down
and then install it as in the "red" box in this picture: Could I use the 4x6 bracket for 4x8 lumber? Or best, is there one bracket purposely built for 4x8 lumber? I could buy a new 4x6 for this but would rather use the existing 4x8 that already layin
Wetting and softening of soil Water can pose dangers for your home's foundation in several ways: Heavy rain and flooding: When clay soils contact water, they retain it and become very soft. Soft soil does not bear loads well, causing heavy objects to
A Frame is a top-level window with a title and a border. The size of the frame includes any area designated for the border. The dimensions of the border area may be obtained using the getInsets method