Frozen coil in the fridge


Mechanically removing ice is a great way to break your fridge. Stick to heat and time.

Your fan appears to not be attached. That would be problem.

Other than that, you either have a problem with the automatic defrost, or it was overwhelmed, perhaps by the lack of a happy fan causing more icing than it expected, or by excessive humidity. I have had a fridge that would need an occasional manual defrost in the summer, but which was fine the rest of the year. Eventually it got worse and was replaced.

Being careful to seal and cover things in the fridge to reduce evaporation, and minimizing the time that the door is open will both help, somewhat, by reducing the available water in the air to freeze.

If you have bent fins while mechanically removing ice, carefully straighten them - bent fins block...

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Freezer leaking water into fridge

So I have been battling an issue of the freezer leaking water into the fridge portion below. I found that there is severe ice buildup in the freezer, and that the ice is plugging the hole that allows drainage to the pan at the very bottom below the coils. My guess is that the freezer runs a defrost cycle and water thaws but it is not warm enough to melt the ice plug so it runs down into the fridge. No matter how many times I defrost everything it keeps occurring. I have a fridge thermometer and the temps are in the range for a fridge, and the freezer operates in it's correct ranges.

Any ideas?

Sounds to me like the defrost timer or related defrost component is on the fritz. A somewhat fairly common issue. If you are handy with a meter you can start checking the timer and related components out (including the heating element).

» ··· ks.shtml to Hahausuck

and verify the line does...

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Repair: "In some cases the seal can be heated with a hair dryer and formed to help seal the leak," Spencer says. "If not, the seal will need to be replaced."

If the door is warped but has screws for the seal, you can loosen the screws, twist the door a little, and retighten the screws to keep the door where you want it. "Be careful not to twist the door too much or the inner door liner may crack," Spencer warns.

If the problem is damaged door cams, you can replace them.

Cost: $40 to more than $100 for a door seal, and $2 and up for a door cam.

Fix or Nix: Fix

Problem: Water is pooling in or under the refrigerator

What to check: If your fridge has the freezer up above the refrigerator unit and you're seeing water under the crisper drawers, or if you've got ice buildup in the bottom of the freezer in a side-by-side unit, those are signs that the evaporator defrost drain is plugged, according to Spencer. "Occasionally food can plug the...

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Eric Praetzel - Freezer to Fridge Conversion

Freezer to Fridge Conversion

The Back Story

As of summer 2010 the 1.5 year old thermostat on our Woods all-fridge fridge started failing and replacement parts were no longer available. So I revisited my old idea of building a thermostat - and ran across the Mt. Best site about a chest freezer to fridge conversion (linked from WikiPedia). An upright freezer was available for free - and so the dream of converting a freezer to a fridge became a project.

Timeline - Links

Here are links to the important sections below:

2013 NEW Whirlpool Upright Freezer To Fridge Conversion 2010 Upright Freezer To Fridge Conversion

Quick Summary

The 12 cu-ft Woods chest freezer is drawing 305Wh/day as a fridge (!!) and 1.1kWh/day as a freezer. Both the converted upright freezer and chest freezer use about 1/3 of the energy of our 1993 17 cu-ft Woods all-fridge. Our all-fridge is 856Wh/day while the converted...
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Your refrigerator/freezer combo is the biggest energy consumer among all of your appliances – seriously. It gobbles down around $100 in energy each year. Even worse, it’s often home to lots of wasted food – leftovers forgotten and allowed to spoil and so on.

To put it simply, your refrigerator and freezer are money sinks. They’re expensive in the first place, gobble down energy like there’s no tomorrow, and sometimes ruin the food that’s inside. What’s a thrifty person to do?

Here are a few simple techniques to overcome and reduce these costs with surprisingly little effort.

Clean the coils regularly.
The coils on the bottom and the back of your refrigerator tend to gather dust over time. As that dust builds up, your refrigerator doesn’t run as well as it used to. The condenser kicks on more often, it has to work harder, it eats up more energy (costing you), and it wears out quicker (costing you).

So, do a little bit of maintenance once a year or...

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by Mike


I have a Frigidaire FRS26TS7DW2...and this morning it stop cooling both freezer and fridge. The Water dispenser also did not work as well as not making Ice, once I unplugged and defrosted everything seem to work ok but not sure for how long.. since a few days ago everything in my freezer had frost. I opened up the cover and the evaporator coils where frozen...any ideas what it could be ? searching on line it's looking like a defrost issue but I would like some expert advice. any help is appreciated.



Hi Mike,

Replacement parts in FRIGIDAIRE FRS26TS7DW2 Frigidaire/refrigerator

If the coils are covered with frost there is a problem with the defrost system. On your refrigerator the defrost system is the defrost heater, defrost thermostat and the adaptive defrost control.
To tell which one is bad you will need an ohmmeter. First make sure there is some ice...

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Three Types of Refrigerators

All refrigerators work on the same principle of cycling refrigerant through two sets of coils. The evaporator coils do the cooling, and the condenser coils release accumulated heat. Where fridges primarily differ is in how they defrost.

A manual defrost is the oldest and simplest type. As the name implies, you defrost these by turning them off and letting all the ice melt. The water then drips into a pan or runs into the fridge where you wipe it up.

Cycle defrost refrigerators have an evaporator plate in the refrigerator section that warms after each running cycle to eliminate frost buildup. But you have to defrost the freezer manually by turning a dial to the defrost mode. The water in most models flows into a channel in the back and then down through a tube to a drip tray under the fridge.

The frost-free refrigerator, the most common today, uses a heater to melt ice on the evaporator coils. The heater is turned on by a timer and...

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Puddles of water, a silent compressor and ice on the walls are all signs your fridge could be on its last legs. Find out what else might mean your fridge needs replacing…

It's sometimes hard to know whether your fridge freezer just needs a bit of TLC or it's on its way out. Here are 7 signs that it may be time to replace it with a newer model.

1. My food keeps going off before the use-by date

You’ve just stocked your fridge full of food, but some things are going bad even though they’re still in date. That can’t be right, can it?

When this happens it’s a sure-fire sign your fridge isn't working properly and may need repairing or replacing. It could mean a few things are wrong:

the thermostat isn't working properly condenser coils are covered in dust the motor is working overtime as condenser coils are too hot

How long does chicken last in the fridge? See tips from the NHS on how to store your food safely.

2. Frost and ice is...

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If you have an old refrigerator or one of the small dorm refrigerators, you know all about the frost that forms around the coils that cool the freezer. If you let it build up long enough, the frost can get 6 inches thick and eventually there is no room to put anything in the freezer.

This frost forms when water vapor hits the cold coils. The water vapor condenses -- turns to liquid water. Think of the water beading up on a glass of iced tea on a summer day -- that is an example of water vapor in the air condensing. The same thing happens on the ice-cold freezer coils, except that when the water condenses onto the coils it immediately freezes.

A frost-free freezer has three basic parts:

A timer A heating coil A temperature sensor

Every six hours or so, the timer turns on the heating coil. The heating coil is wrapped among the freezer coils. The heater melts the ice off the coils. When all of the ice is gone, the temperature sensor senses the temperature rising...

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If your fridge or freezer develops a fault then it needs repairing quickly otherwise the contents will spoil and the costs will rise. Check out common problems and how to fix them below.

My Fridge Is Not Working

A fridge not working at all can be extremely frustrating, especially if it takes you a while to notice. You can lose a lot of food to a fridge that’s gone on the blink.

Is there power?

As basic as it might sound, start with the simplest possibility first; is there power running to the fridge? That’s not just plug sockets and switches, but also check the circuit breaker box and fuses. Also make sure that any extension cords are in good working order. If the light in the fridge isn’t working, it may simply need replacing.

It’s possible that the drain pans and tubes could be blocked, so check them.

Finally, although a handful of ice cubes in a drink are a boon during those hot summer months, ice makers can be problematic and cause...

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Samsung Refrigerator Owners File Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Against Samsung Over Alleged Defect That Causes Refrigerator Coils To Freeze Over.

A class action lawsuit has been filed againstSamsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Samsung” or “Defendants”) in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (styled Jeff Weske, Jo Anna Frager and Darryl Myhre v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Civil Action Case No. 2:10-cv-04811-WJM -MF) alleging, among other things, that Samsung sold refrigerators containing a defect that causes the refrigerators’ coils to freeze over, resulting in the failure of the refrigerator to cool, which has caused consumers to suffer damages for lost groceries, spoilage and repairs, according to class action lawsuit news reports.

The Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit complaint reportedly alleges that certain Samsung French door, side-by-side...

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Performing regular maintenance on your refrigerator extends its life and improves its performance. Modern refrigerators do not generally require manual defrosting. They have automatic defrost systems that also reduce frost buildup on the evaporator coils. On older refrigerators it is necessary to manually remove the buildup from the freezer section and the evaporator coil by defrosting your refrigerator. Frost buildup reduces the cooling capacity of the refrigerator and ultimately damages the unit while increasing electrical costs.

Thermostat Defrosting

Set the thermostat to the desired temperature for the freezer and refrigerator.

Place a pan to catch the water runoff under the exit tube located at the back of the refrigerator near the bottom. When the programmed temperature is reached the compressor switches off and the frost in the freezer compartment and on the evaporator coil melts, running into the drip pan.

Empty the pan as necessary.

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Parts Used:

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins

Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers

Customer: Stephen from Warrington, PA

Fridge got warm and freezer coils were frosted

Fridge is a side by side. The freezer is pretty narrow for a guy with wide shoulders.

Pulled plug.

Had to remove bottom drawers then used nut driver to remove screws closest to back wall in drawer runners. Once the back screws were removed the runners could be swung up or down out of way so back cover could be removed.

Once back cover was removed thermostat was located attached to top pipe going into coil using a spring clamp.

Cut the wires just outside the crimp connectors going into thermostat. Released the spring clamp buy squeezing botton together.

Removed old badly corroded thermostat.

I wish I had attached the crimp connectors to the new thermostat...

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Two liter bottle, Two or 3 peltier coolers would do fine as long as you have the proper insulation for the container. Mine would have worked a lot better if I used something that actually insulated (PVC sucks at that). More coolers will cool quicker but not necessarily get it colder. So how many depends on how quickly you want to cool really. Ventilation is a big part for the hot and cold sides. The hot side for it's obvious reasons. It doesn't have to be well ventilated honestly, but the better cooling for the hot side, the colder the cold side gets. So less ventilation will obviously just be a warmer result. Ventilation for the cold side is also a big deal. At the time, the cold side of my coolers were flat metal plates. This worked...but slow. I added heatsinks later and it cooled much quicker. Heatsinks help the flow of heat by increasing your surface area. So adding heatsinks to the cold side effectively helps pull heat out of the air inside the cooler at a much faster pace. I...

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An evaporator is a device used to convert the liquid form of any chemical to a gaseous form. This liquid gets evaporated or vaporized to form gas. The evaporator coil is generally used in refrigerators and


where a compressed cooling chemical usually Freon or R-410A, is meant to evaporate from liquid form to gaseous form absorbing heat while doing so. In mixtures, it is used to eradicate water or liquid. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on evaporator coils.

What could cause an evaporator coil to not defrost?

If the evaporator has frozen solid the individual could check if the defrost switch is in the closed position. Unplug the unit overnight and if the coil has defrosted with the switch open, it indicates the thermostat is working fine. The individual can also check for heater resistance and if the reading shows 10 to 50 ohms this indicates a faulty defrost timer.

How difficult and expensive is it to replace...

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26.2 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Adjustable-Temperature Refrigerated Drawer

This Maytag refrigerator gives you the space to keep all your favorite foods on hand with a 26 cu. ft. capacity - the most of any Maytag four-door refrigerator. The PowerCold feature accelerates the cooling of your refrigerator to keep food fresh even when the refrigerator is repeatedly opened. Under-shelf LED lighting lets you quickly spot what you're looking for. The handy Adjustable-Temperature Refrigerated Drawer has four different settings for you to customize your refrigeration needs. And the Store-N-Door ice maker takes the convenient machine off of the shelf and into the door, freeing up more storage space!

26.2 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with Adjustable-Temperature Refrigerated Drawer

Signature Maytag Steel Shelves

The only freestanding refrigerator to offer solid steel shelves is made tough with premium style that you can see and feel. Signature...
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