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This question already has an answer here: I have a Laars gas boiler that has 3 heating zones; basement, 1st floor, and 2nd floor. I want to replace the old mercury honeywell tstats on the 1st and 2nd floor with newer honeywell RTH9580 wifi model for
A flue pipe must never pass through a combustible floor or ceiling or through an attic, roof space, closet or concealed space. Minimum clearance from combustible material: 450 mm (18 in. )
Return and cancellation policy: If you wish to return an item you must call for instructions. Items returned without authorization will be refused. Keep the original packing and invoice
I have a HE tankless boiler that exhausts via a PVC vent onto my driveway. I often park next to it and haven't noticed any damage on my car, though the car does move around a bit. However, where the exhaust has condensed and dripped onto a small conc
by kinar Last Updated May 31, 2017 18:21 PM A few weeks ago my furnace developed a vibration that can be heard throughout the house. If I remove the side panel of the furnace or if I remove the filter, the vibration goes away. My theory is that the f
I am looking to answer the following: Was this job done properly, and if not, then how really bad it is? And should I hire this contractor again ? Product: Ruud RGTM10ERBJS 100K BTU 95% Downflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace. .
Here in the New York City area, we’re all pretty tired of the cold weather by now. No matter how you travel to work, whether it’s by bus, car or train, your commute probably ends with a cold walk in the icy January wind. When you get to your destinat
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You did one super job of explaining to me everything there is to know about this fridge. I'm looking forward to asking you questions in the future. Bagley, IAWonderful service, prompt, efficient, and accurate
I was changing my thermostat and I attempted to make the swap live without turning power off. When I connected new thermostat, the fan kept running. Ruled out bad thermostat and wire short by disconnecting those wires from the board and turning furna