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I have read a lot about proper insulation and ventilation, including some posts on this site, but none adequately answer my questions. My goal is to operate an electric heat source in the winter and have ~60 °F temperature maintained when working in
if you have a dent in your garage door then most likely you have a steel garage door. It’s really hard to put a dent and a wood garage door even though I can be done but it is not the same as a steel garage door. Steel garage doors come in three diff
Ten flashes of the light tells you there is a problem with the door safety sensor circuit. Look at the led's on both door sensors. If one or both leds is blinking, the sensors are misaligned
You press the button and your garage remote doesn't work. This is a frustrating situation and one that is not always easy to diagnose. This is a guide about garage door remote opener not working
Sorry to combine many parts of the other answers, but none so far have all the components to fully satisfy your question. First, you definitely need a pulley near the ceiling to remove yourself from the ladder permanently. If you can mount a pulley o
I just wanted to get opinions on my plans to fix the somewhat sunken slab in our garage. We bought the house two years and (it's about 50 years old) and I have been monitoring the slab since day 1. It has not sunk any further so it's likely that the
I currently have some angled stairs going from my garage into the home. To the left of these stairs is a closet that I'm going to take out to allow more open space in the garage. Directly to the right of the angled stairs are the stairs leading to th
I plan on cutting tile and finishing the vertical strip just under the remaining tiles. My challenge is meeting up the new drywall with the existing tile so that it is flush. My questions are: 1
Thank you all for your great ideas! I am going to first try learning how to read, and react to, buttons. Then I'll find and add a couple of these magnetic reed switches. Funny enough I just received a magnetic switch very similar to that with my reaD
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