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Garage Door Won T Close All The Way 19 things to check when your garage door wont open or closeeveryone has experienced that tell tale moment refuses close usually . Manual garage door wont stay up my only goes down part way stops and back the does n
This up and over door is working properly, but I would like to make the house more accessible. This door is a bit heavy and you have to work against gravity to open in entirely. My idea was to cut it in two pieces, make some modifications to the fram
if you have a dent in your garage door then most likely you have a steel garage door. It’s really hard to put a dent and a wood garage door even though I can be done but it is not the same as a steel garage door. Steel garage doors come in three diff
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Not usually, the spring will loose some tension, but not much. What CAN happen is the spring can break where it attaches to the pully, and in that case, you will loose all spring lift help. What I see happen more often is the opener needs lubrication
I found it much easier to interface with the door openers directly through the "inside" physical wiring rather than going through a remote (plus you don't waste a remote attaching it to something that is likely to be stationary). I have not found a g
I recently replaced our chain driven garage door opener (which functioned fine for 9 years) with a Chamberlain MyQ opener which runs off of a belt, instead. It was nearly a direct swap and all works as desired except.
Hello everyone, New to the forum. We just bought our 1st home and it's a new build (2012). It has a 20x21 garage which is just enough for my vette, harley and a work area
My garage door is sized 6'6" x 9'. The ceiling is somewhat low, about 7' tall. The door has what I'm told are "sleds" to assist with the top of the door turning quicker so it doesn't hit the ceiling
Re: Deadbolt Strike Reinforcement Plate Vs. Frame Reinforcement Plate? Quote: On a standard Schlage or Qwikset, deadbolt, I would be done about 9 minutes and 30 seconds before you. But you remind of a an actual burglary that happened here: The dumb a