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Although you get the burner to light by tapping the safety gas valve, this type of problem is normally caused by a weak igniter. You said that you replaced the igniter. You did not indicate how long ago that you replaced the igniter and how long the
Picture of a slip in gas fire place. Step 1: Before you go and get your permit ensure you know where you want to put the fireplace and especially the flue, or vent. Next determine how much pipe and fittings you need
I woke up two mornings ago to water that was colder than usual, so. . I naturally went to check the water heater and the pilot was out, the pilot light has never went out in the 4 years- almost 5 I've owned it
My dishwasher is 10 years old. It is only used intermittently, but I do try to run it at least once a week. There is an intermittent sewer-like odor, that seems to come and go
The temperature of an object is basically a measure of the movement of the individual molecules. When you heat something up, you're adding energy to the molecules, making them bounce around faster and faster. If you imagine a room full of dancers, ge
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but it's somewhat of a safety question, so here goes. .
This is a common issue that is often ignored or dealt with in shoddy ways. First, yes, set a mouse trap and get rid of the mouse. Then deal with the hole
The absence of a range hood is the scourge of many a rental kitchen. With nothing to catch grease splatters and vent smoke, steam, and cooking smells out of the kitchen, renters often end up fighting sticky, filmy cabinets and an apartment that still
A one-minute cleaning will solve 75 percent of burner problems. To get at the ignition system, lift the lid of your stove (Photo 1). Give it a rap with the heel of your hand if it's stuck
For home cooks, a wall oven means flexibility and convenience that boost kitchen function and home enjoyment. We give you food for thought so you can pick the best model for your household’s lifestyle. First Things First: Gas or Electric? Typically,