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Pressure gauges commonly use a Bourdon tube. Bourdon tubes are a coiled metal tube and as the pressure increases, it forces the coil straight which then moves the needle. (think blowing a party horn, which causes it to unroll) The type of fluid (wate
My mother in law recently replaced her 4 burner Frigidaire range and is often popping her breaker when she is cooking for a large party - ie 4 burners going and oven. I checked the specs for the range and they suggest a 50A breaker. The electrical ci
Note: All block quotes are sections from NFPA-70:2014 (aka 2014 NEC) 1st problem: 8 awg NM can only carry a max of 40 amps NM is treated as a cable assembly with 60°C conductors per 334. 80 even though the individual conductors are typically rated at