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The generator must get its ground from whichever main service panel it feeds (e. g. it could have its own main panel), which in turn must be grounded any way that's legal
So I've been looking around and so far haven't found any answers to the query, although a few others with the same problem. The issue that I have is as a result of adding the contents of a plug-and-play generator resource pack to my generator (and be
I finally got around to figure out the spot for a new transfer switch which I acquired some time ago, there aren't any choices since the transfer switch needs to be close to the meter. It is a small 5000 watts transfer switch (comes with relatives sh
You don't use it "in" your home so that solves the most direct safety bit. Then you avoid ever loaning that friend your tools ever again, since he both doesn't treat them right and is dishonest about it or he just doesn't know any better, either way
I have a problem with my newly purchased home with a generator transfer switch previously installed and the generator left by the owners, knowing that winter was on its way I started the generator to make sure I had 240 volts and I did, so chase to w
You have the basic concept down. Your challenge will be sizing. What's the minimum possible load you can put on the system? For instance, don't use an inverter to run lighting
This article shows you how to test a relay. A relay will usually have a coil, pole terminal and a set of contacts. The set of contacts that are open when the relay is not energized are called normally open (N/O) contacts and the set of contacts that
Lets pump this AC through a step up transformer that steps up the voltage to 10^5 volts. The current being transmitted in this case will be, I = P/V = 10 amps. Power loss = 10*10*0
I just had some major Thanksgiving ‘found family’ feels this year, and what better way to express them than writing about my favorite family! Just some holiday fluff that I hope you guys enjoy! Lexi and Astraid are like 13/14 in this one! “Where’s ou
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