Generator issues


So I've been looking around and so far haven't found any answers to the query, although a few others with the same problem. The issue that I have is as a result of adding the contents of a plug-and-play generator resource pack to my generator (and being an idiot I forgot to backup :/) which has lead to the following issue:

As you should be able to see I have the generator item selected, but it does not show up on the preview panel or on the import/export sprite page.

^^ A selection of images from the generator folder (I can provide more or even specific ones if need be) ^^

I've re-installed MV and the generator has, surprisingly, stayed exactly the same. Any help would be greatly...

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Generator is a propelled machine, involved a colossal choice of moving parts, and like some other machine it needs standard upkeep and tend to perfect execution. Here we’ve recorded a couple of the most well-known issues that you can confront in modern generator and their answers. Keep in mind while repairing and diagnosing, constantly first check for the most regular causes and go for huge more costly repairs then. The greater part of the ideal time the issues can be altered with some exceptionally unimportant speedy fixes.

1.Generator is not turning

A standout amongst the most well-known concern is the you killed the generator during the evening and when you returned in the morning, it didn’t wrench by any methods. Some right times it gives a sound like “tik-tik”. Like it is attempting to accomplish something however no development in any capacity.

Being it standard rental industry we’ve discovered that the to begin with you ought to check the crisis stop...

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Do you have a power controller between the generator and your machines? It's quite an important item - among other things it buffers the high/spiky demand of your machines with the steady-but-lower production of the generators (and solar panels).

Place the power controller (check which way the arrows go, scroll to switch them), use a crowbar to open the front panel, and put in a battery and turn everything on.

That should help keep your machines running steadily, and the battery (once it charges up a bit) will mean it also acts as a UPS, keeping your machines running while you refuel your generator.

There's a more detailed section on power issues in my guide (in the "Powerless" section)

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Right, I don't know the texture pack, but those are geothermals, right?
That's gold cable? Geothermal outputs at 20 eu/t, that can go down insulated copper cable with much less power cost.

Okay, tanks don't just unload into waterproof pipes with nothing happening. You need a waterproof wooden pipe to take the lava back out. "OUT" almost always requires a wooden pipe, waterproofed for liquids, and then a redstone engine to power the "pump" that's inside the pipe.

and here

Check those for confirmation.

You where thinking well with a liquid pump, but that's more a "harvester" rather then being responsible for the movement of liquids. It's a machine that turns source blocks of liquid, into liquid in pipes.

Read monte's statement again and you'll notice he also said wooden waterproof pipe, it's the key item you are...

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On Apr 23, 2007, at 9:39 AM, Yuh-Ruey Chen wrote:

Replacing |this| is not what I'm suggesting - in fact, I rejected
it for the reason you give. |this| within the generator function is left untouched - it's not replaced with anything.

Ok, good to agree.

The generator-iterator is accessed within the generator function via arguments.generator.

This is still a bit awkward for the reason given by Neil, and with
rest parameters, we are trying to avoid arguments being a commonly
used object (so that some day it might become deprecate-able -- it's
far from that now).

Then I proposed that next() and send() are bound class methods rather than unbound prototype methods.

Right, and I pointed out how they're uselessly re-bindable (to any
object), but that if re-bound (I mean |this| binding here) to a non- generator-iterator object, you'll get a type error trying to call them.

I'm not exactly sure how class methods are...

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Wanderlust, a Piper Boat, was launched in September of last year. Since our launch we’ve had continuous “over voltage” issues with our electrical system while using the Whisper Power “M-SQ6” generator. These problems have resulted in widely fluctuating voltages, error messages, protective circuits on attached equipment being triggered, and generator shut downs. At many times, these issues have rendered our generator useless.

Has anybody else experienced similar problems with their generators? Hopefully this isn’t something we need to get used when using a generator on a barge.

Whisper Power representatives have been out to Wanderlust repeatedly but have been unable to resolve the fluctuating voltage problem. They have demonstrated that the generator will run stably when disconnected from Wanderlust’s electrical system. This is now being used as a criterion to attribute the electrical problem to something else on the boat. Of course we didn’t pay for a...

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package com.skions.demonrealms; import java.util.logging.Logger; import org.bukkit.generator.ChunkGenerator; import org.bukkit.plugin.PluginDescriptionFile; import; public class DemonRealms extends JavaPlugin { private Logger log = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft"); @Override public void onDisable() {"Disabled"); } @Override public void onEnable() {"Enabled"); } public void logMessage(String msg) { PluginDescriptionFile pdFile = this.getDescription(); + " " + pdFile.getVersion() + "; " + msg); } public ChunkGenerator getDefaultWorldGenerator(String worldName, String id) { return new WorldGenerator(this); } }


package com.skions.demonrealms; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import java.util.Random; import org.bukkit.Location; import org.bukkit.Material; import org.bukkit.World; import...
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This may or may not work for you, and admittedly it's something I've only used once, and on a rather simple frame.

On the last frame I worked on, I created a second Parts List off the paper. I set it up to Group by the Description , which in my case includes the length. There was a second key I used as well - I think it was Thickness (G_T), but that's just because we don't use the true stock number. Basically the Group Keys divided the list into sets of what was identical, by arranging them by size and length.

I still had to manually change the part numbers to match, but this broke the frame up into sets of matching pieces, rather than me having to figure it out on my own. The exact group settings to use may be different for you (Stock Number and Length, maybe?), but it might save you from having to figure it all out...

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If you are using the Fence Generator and suddenly find yourself with a lighting error like this that refuses to go away no matter how many time you rebuild you level:

"MapCheck:Error: Error MyWorldSettings Maps need lighting rebuilt",

then you need to take a look at your generated fences. I spent several hours trying to figure out why I couldn't build the lighting successfully. Hacking the editor finally revealed the source of the problem which was several problematic fence segments created by the fence generator. I didn't dive into the blueprint, but it seems that there are splines being created that are causing problems for the lighting build. I don't know if this is a problem with the engine splines or an issue with the blueprint itself misusing the splines. But I do know it's hard to trace if you have a lot of...

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DC charging systems can be identified as type "A" or "B" circuit. It is necessary for the technician to determine which system they have in order to properly troubleshoot. The "A" type system controls the output by regulating the field circuit to ground. The "B" type system controls the output by regulating the battery to field.

All Delco Remy aircraft generator charging systems are "A" circuit therefore their regulator controls how much ground is placed on the generator field circuit. This was originally accomplished by a vibrating point system in the voltage regulator. The more the points were vibrating toward the closed position the more output. The further apart the points were during the vibrating function the less the output.

Most general aviation alternators are "B" circuit. In order for them to output current from the alternator, battery must be applied to the field. The more battery to the field the higher the output. The regulator is then assigned the...

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If you’ve never owned a generator or have one and are...

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