GFCI is popping for no reason


This morning we woke up to the bathroom lights not working. Investigation reveals that the culprit is the GFCI that serves two bathrooms and the laundry room.

It still pops in 10-15 seconds with no draw whatsoever on anything that appears to be connected to the circuit. (I haven't gone through the house looking for stray outlets on the line, though.)

My first thought was a bad GFCI but a couple of other things come to mind also:

1) Two days ago we replaced every bulb on the circuit with LED lights.

2) It's pouring rain, something that happens a few times a year here. We certainly aren't aware of any water leaks but I could imagine water coming down a vent pipe and then going somewhere.

Do I just replace the GFCI and hope it works? Is there some means by which I can test if there is an electric problem? (With the GFCI popped wouldn't it show infinite resistance between the hot and the neutral and between the hot and the ground?)


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Not directly related, but I learned something new about my 2010 Allegro yesterday.....

I lost power to the 3 GFCI outlets in my kitchen and outside. The breaker was not a GFCI breaker, but was labelled "GFCI outlets" and it was not tripped. The outlets had no GFCI reset on them, just a label that they were GFCI protected. I scratched my head, checked line voltage, checked for some kind of a GFCI reset all over the place, scratched various other parts of my anatomy, then called Tiffin.

There is another GFCI outlet in the bathroom that DOES have a reset on it. Turns out that the 3 dead ones were daisy-chained through it and that one outlet provides the GFCI protection for all 4. It was self inflicted. I recalled fooling with the reset on it the other day, just for the sake of getting familiar, and I had failed to reset it properly. It even had a red light on that indicated it was tripped.

Add another to my growing list of self-inflicted "issues". Really...

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vivianalozano wrote:

I assume that a neighbour has an iphone that tries to sync to my itunes repeteadly making the window pop up every 5 minutes...

That really is not likely since the device would have to have at one time been physically connected and synced to your computer, AND Wi-Fi sync enabled while connected to your library, AND they'd have to be on your Wi-Fi network. Unless you have someone who did all this and lives within Wi-Fi range, and knows your network password, that's not what's happening.

Do you have any auxillary software add-ons to iTunes (e.g. scrobbler)? Sometimes those get in the way of shutting iTunes down and it will re-open unless you shut the other software down...

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A GFI receptacle measures the difference in current that goes out the hot wire and comes back in the neutral wire. If the difference is greater than a certain threshold (180mA, I think) it trips, shutting off the power. It has nothing to do with how much current is used, it's about how much current leaks out. Sometimes these will have problems with appliances that have large capacitors, which can "sponge up" power and look like a leak. Usually not the case with plain heating elements.

Time for some investigative work...

Do you have three separate GFI receptacles, or one master that is feeding the other two as slaves? In other words, does the same one trip out no matter which of the three is used?

Are these recently installed, or have they been there awhile? It's unusual to see several GFI receptacles tripping on several different loads. Has there been a recent lightning strike very close by? Splashed clorox sanitizing water in or near the receptacles? Seen...

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First off, Thanks to all of you for the quick responses & detailed information you guys have given me, I really appreciate it very much. You guys have been VERY HELPFUL!!!

Now I'll try to answer your replys/questions:

1-yes, it is a new GFCI that won't reset unless its correctly energized on the line side.

2-Nothing has changed on that circuit that I know of,in fact, the room where the charring occured, is a spare bedroom, & is very rarely used.

3-The number on the breaker for this circuit is 20 (amp).

4-I'm sure my house isn't up to "current" code, considering it was build in the mid 50's.


1- I purchased another new GFI receptacle, with the built in trip-lite, just to be sure it was the most up to date type.

2-See below for the results that i got for testing the receptacles & wiring.

3-I have a digital multi-meter & know the basics for using it (if this...

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Thanks everyone for the advice. The problem with the circuit breaker tripping is so strange to me since I've had this spa for so many years with no problems. Recently I replaced the ozonator and high-speed pump and a few years back had the circulation pump replaced. I've never had an issue with the circuit breaker in the house tripping, so this does have me concerned. I'm just not sure how to tell what the issue is - in this day and age of scams, I don't know who to trust. Since it is an intermittant issue, I don't know if it's an electrical issue or a spa issue.

To add a little to my original post, in August I replaced the bulb and fuse for the ozonator. It seems to run fine and I never had a problem with the indoor circuit breaker tripping. In October, I replaced the high speed pump and did a water change in December. Even then, still no indoor circuit breaker tripping issue. The tripping of the indoor circuit breaker just started up in January and only did it about 4...

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Taskbar popping up for no reason - Windows 10 Forums
I'm new to windows 10 and having the problem with the taskbar popping up randomly. I've read other threads and found no solution and my issue might be a little different. I have the TB set to automatically hide. The TB pops up at random intervals, stays up for maybe a second and as far as I can see, there's no notification or reason for it to come up. It does it quite often and if I'm typing, it interrupts the typing so that I end up with missing letters in my text and I have to correct.
I've turned off all notifications I can find in settings, every one. It doesn't seem to matter. I've disabled the touchpad so I know I'm not hitting it as I type. Everything about it seems random. I've started timing the popups and the last three have been 3 minutes, 7 minutes and 30 seconds apart... It's driving me nuts. (make that four times...)
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If you have been trying to put up lights to decorate your garden for a party or to enhance the security and found that the outdoor outlet does not work, you need to take steps to rectify this. Outdoor outlets that are exposed to the weather are more likely to fail than indoor outlets. However, with a little bit of patience and skill you can fix it on your own.

1.Rain and Water

Often outdoor outlets are damaged because of their exposure to rain and water. Even when the outdoor outlets have some amount of protection from the weather, they can be affected by the damp and humidity in or emanating from the garden.


When encountering an outdoor outlet that does not work, do not assume the worst and immediately call an electrical contractor or pull out all the wires. You can try to fix it yourself and certainly determine how to prevent this from happening again. Instead and furthermore,you should look for the simple solutions first and call the electrical...

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I'd say it is growth thats all. if it is consistent, then there is a problem.

also for those of you that answered blue balls, you must not know what that means or have had "the condition".

Blue balls comes from having an erection and then not ejaculating. It is because of the build up of blood and it is more of a dull ache then anything else. Your member and junk actually will have a slight blue color because of buildup of blood in the veins that have expended all of the oxygen.

I'd say once a month, probably not a once or twice a week...time to see the doctor. And if that is what you need to do, don't be embarassed. This is what they went to school for, and they want to help you get...

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If it's and old pump the most probable reason is that sand has eroded the seals and:
most probably one of the bearings is worn and got the shaft stuck a little bit, just so much that the motor's starting current is too high for your breaker.or water got through the motor's housing and it is short circuiting.If the pump is not a big and expensive model but is for home use, I guess it is most cost effective to replace it straight away than have someone dismantle it and fix it. These things are difficult to seal properly outside the factory.

There is a chance of course that something big enough is stuck in the impeller, in which case you can get away with clearing this out. Also, if it is convenient to do so, check your cables for wear too, just in...

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If I've been reading this correctly it is the GFIC that is tripping, not a breaker. A GFIC trips if the current flow detected in the grounded conductor (white or neutral) is different than the current flow detected hot conductor (black). A breaker trips when the circuit current exceeds the breaker rating.

The GFIC would not be affected by a meter change.

OP, you said this is last in the string. This doesn't matter where in the sting the GFIC is placed but what would matter is if there is a pair of wires connected to the


side of the GFIC. And BTW, the power to the GFIC must be connected to the


terminals. Are there any other wires in the receptacle box where the GFIC is mounted? Is there anything connected to the



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FOUNDATION CORNER POPPING (Corner Wedge Cracks) . . . .

. . . . on your San Antonio area SLAB FOUNDATION

Image below shows corner popping or corner wedge cracking in a slab foundation caused by thermal expansion of the brick veneer.

Minor Corner Popping is seen on this Pre owned home inspection on a San Antonio area home foundation (below)

Every case is different and the corner popping cracks have to be put in perspective with everything else when determining if a repair is warranted. Most slab corner popping situations are not significant and shouldn’t be of concern. Even though the slab foundation and the masonry of the home are part of the structure of the home this occurrence of corner popping is not usually a structural problem. The significance of any cracks will help determine whether structural issues are of a concern.
The photos at left show wedge cracking at two foundations. The one at the right has had some...
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When A Portable Generator Won’t Power Your RV

See my video on testing for a floating neutral at

I received this email from a reader who wants to power his RV from a Honda portable generator.

I have a 2011 Fleetwood 40-footer. I am trying to get my Honda EU3000 generator to power up the motorhome for a few items. My display after plugging in will show NO LOAD. This generator will power anything else I try such as a 30-foot trailer with one air conditioner, compressor, etc. I also have a Coleman 5000 and that will power up the motorhome. I have an adapter cord 50-amp female going to 30-amp (3 prong) male. The Honda worked with my 2002 Monaco hooking the same way. The reason I like to use the Honda is when I am at the track this time of year, there is no need to run the motorhome generator since there is no need for air conditioning. I have called Honda and they were no help. John Z., (Purcellville, VA)

John, all...

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Wow...what do they say~~~when it rains it pours!!!...LOL!

Thanx to all of you for you all were right (kinda)...

1. breaker popping but varying symptoms...
2. upon investigation, found probs with heating element mounts that led to a short in the element>>>led to a shorted/melted wire..
3. Apparently a weakened breaker...NEW BREAKER installed...


4. Breaker kicking off before I even had the DRYER pluged in????

5.(20 yo house we bought)...(meaning lots of lil (probably illegal, definately stupid mods done by previous inhabitants)...
DANG if I don't find another circuit tapped into the dryer outlet when I remove the cover...SEEMS someone wanted to power the storage shed some years back.

6. Now back-tracking...We had severe damage from Hurricane Isabel...and just finished the repairs...THE DAY BEFORE THE BIG FREEZE AND SNOW STORM (that we just defrosted from)...
We had 8 trees removed and 9 stumps...

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High Voltage (AC) Systems

No one who is not trained in marine high voltage systems should ever perform wiring on a boat. The potential for creating deadly system faults that are injurious to both people and the vessel itself is too risky. That includes something as apparently simple as wiring a new service outlet, for if you don't understand the principles of the system, you are likely to unknowingly create a problem. Just because you know how to do wiring around the house, doesn't mean you know what you're doing on a boat.

Grounds and Grounding
One of the least understood aspects of a boats electrical system, and the most troublesome, is the proper method of grounding. That we often get questions of whether AC or DC electrical equipment should be grounded to the boat's bonding system is illustrative of this point. AC and DC grounding systems are two separate systems, for distinctly different...

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Step Two: Fixing a Blank Pacman Screen

The most common problem an owner will face is a blank Pacman screen. This happens when you plug the game in and nothing happens. There are no sights or sounds coming from your machine, or there’s nothing showing on the screen–it seems as if the entire game is either off, dead, or just not plugged in at all. If this is your problem then continue reading. However, if when you plug the game in or turn it on, you have a picture (whether garbled or not), power, lights, or when you coin the game you can hear sounds etc then you have main power getting to the game so you can skip on ahead to Step Three: Pacman Fuses & Power Supplies Repair.

If you’re still here proceed through the following steps:

First—Check to make sure that the game is in fact plugged in and is plugged into a working receptacle that has not been “kicked off” by some sort of surge of electricity, bad breaker, or a tripped GFCI plug. To test it, simply...

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by David H. Pascoe, Marine surveyor

If you've owned a boat for any length of time, you probably know that insurance companies hire independent marine surveyors to conduct insurance surveys on the boats that they insure. One of the most common problems that surveyors run across in doing these surveys are electrical systems that have either been jury-rigged by the owner, or an owner who hired Joe-the-Electrician down the street because Joe's work is cheap. Joe is the guy who knows how to wire a house and thinks that boats are no different. The house business isn't so good, so he switched to boats.

Jump over "Contents".

By the time a boat gets a few years on it, the amount of substandard and/or jury-rigged wiring on it can add up to substantial numbers of faults. Much to the consternation of the owner, when the insurance surveyor comes along, he ends up handing the owner a long, and frequently costly, list of things that need to be corrected. Even...

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