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I am replacing all the components in my bathroom during a remodel. I have a box that has a light switch and a GFCI, the switch controls the vanity light. When i removed the old fixture I neglected to note how everything was hooked up
A GFCI outlet is an electrical outlet which is designed to protect people from deadly electric shock. In addition to preventing electrocution, GFCI outlets can also reduce the risk of house fires caused by electrical problems, and reduce damage to ap
Connect the feeder wires to the LINE terminals on the GFCI. The feeder wires will be one set of black and white, which bring power to box. If there are two sets of feeder wires, you'll have to install two GFCI devices
I am recently done with my kitchen renovation. I have L shaped kitchen where the smaller portion has refrigerator on it. The refrigerator has been moved from from the corner of the wall to the center, covered by cabinet frame
Originally Posted by ray2047 Please post the picture and we will go from there. Suspect breaker has the yellow stickie, which fell off for me in the 2nd picture. Basically, think my lack of terminology/knowledge had me down the wrong path last night
http://www. VideoJoeKnows. com Connecting a switch & plug combo, to a GFCI receptacle, is pretty difficult
GFCI outlets/receptacles are meant to protect you, but problems with a tripping GFCI can sometimes be a mystery. This article examines one of the reasons why problems with a tripping GFCI breaker occurs. Q: We are in our summer home, a 1 year old 38