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In my experience, most listed covers do a lousy job actually preventing water ingress. This is common; actual practice in electrical work is to use listed products which then proceed to leak anyway. I see remote powerboards all the time with top entr
I'm wrapping up a bathroom remodel. An electrician came a while back and ran new wiring. He installed a plastic 4-gang box which will have a GFCI receptacle and 3 switches for a light above the vanity, an overhead light, and an overhead fan
Does Your GFI Outlet Need Replacing? Electrical Question: I’ve been renting an apartment for a month. The GFCI outlet in my bathroom powered my hair straightener fine for several weeks. Last week after an earthquake it stopped powering that appliance
I have a trouble-shooting question concerning a GFCI. I am an electrician, and a buddy called me tonight and was having trouble with a GFCI that he had just installed in his house. Details: The existing circuit had a normal outlet and he wanted to in
You have what is known as a "multi-wire branch circuit", where two otherwise independent circuits share the same neutral return back to the electrical panel. Wiring the GFCIs in a naive manner won't help you here, because in a shared neutral situatio
i have an older, 1930ish, home with only 2 conductors on the branch circuits. im trying to install GFCI outlets in kit/baths. im running new romex to the single-pole Pushmatic (ancient, i know) breakers
I have a new house (about 9 months old) and recently the dishwasher circuit has started tripping. It trips while the dishwasher isn't running. I believe it's code that the dishwasher must be on its own circuit so I'm not sure what else could be causi
You most likely have an AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) not a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) on this circuit. Although it's not impossible that the breaker is bad, I think this is unlikely. It's more likely that there is an arc fault so
Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) work by looking for imbalances between the ungrounded (hot), and grounded (neutral) conductors. A grounding conductor is not required for a GFCI device to detect ground-faults. Any devices connected to the Loa